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Now is the time to start registering for Linda’s upcoming on-line Reiki classes.  The class sizes will be limited to make sure your questions are answered, and complete guidance is provided, so please register early. Everything that is typically taught in our in-person classes will be taught in our on-line zoom classes. Please read further to learn more about our Usui Holy Fire III Level I & II Reiki Class

We currently have on-line Usui Holy Fire III Level I & II Reiki and Usui Holy Fire III Reiki ART Master classes scheduled for 2022.

Please Note

Due to the 2020 pandemic and such uncertain times, I have not been able to teach my in-person Reiki classes as I have for the past 20 years. Spirit has been talking to me for months, encouraging me to teach my Holy Fire III Reiki classes on-line. Earlier this year I was directed to take a class from William Rand-ICRT to prepare me to teach the Holy Fire III Reiki on line. I have to admit I loved the process. This is a new concept for receiving the Holy Fire III Reiki placements directly from God.  Because I am so particular about my classes I was a bit leery at first about this on-line method of teaching, but Spirit asked that I teach the Reiki information as I always have and allow them to do the rest. Spirit assured me that each student will receive exactly what they need to fulfill their purpose as a healer and a Being of the Light.  I’ve always trusted their direction in the past and I’ve truly been amazed at how powerful this new method has been. So I am excited to be currently presenting our classes to everyone on-line.  How perfect is this? You can take the class from the comfort of your own home.