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I would love to accept the credit for the amazing knowledge shared in my books, but this wisdom is far beyond anything I could possibly provide you. I give credit to a much higher collective power, Abraham.

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My books are channeled from Abraham and Spirit, bringing healing words of wisdom to touch your heart, give you tools to empower your life, as well as confirm your own spiritual path.
 When Spirit first told me I would be writing a series of books, I laughed and said I have no writing skills or amazing knowledge to share. They told me not to fear that I would be channeling Abraham’s messages of wisdom, in my case, hearing the words and typing them out. Those words gave me great comfort since I had been working with the gift of Abraham for years. 

Spirit fulfilled their promise, as I sat down prepared to write, the room glowed with the energy of Spirit and the group consciousness of Abraham appeared before me, eager to share their messages of hope and empowerment. I was humbled by the job at hand and enthusiastic to see what more was to come. This is how our series of books began.

Many of my life experiences understandably seem strange, but this is how Spirit has directed my recent life journey. For over 20 years, I have become accustom to this everyday life for me. It is the work of God that Spirit has given to me to help others.

In our one-on-one healing work, we use a nurturing, supportive, “down to earth” approach. This method of healing is shared through my books, guiding you through the healing experiences of my clients.

To enlighten you about the spiritual world and your soul’s journey through life, I channel Spirit’s words of guidance as they compassionately lead us along our spiritual paths.

– Linda

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