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Usui Reiki: Foundation for all other Reiki. Level I & II are practitioner levels taught together by Linda. Level III are 3rd degree, Master level taught together and teacher levels and are taught separately.

Spiritual Enlightenment and Development – 2 day class
Awakening to your spiritual purpose and learning how it use your natural gifts in your everyday life. Learn about many of the different spiritual gifts that God has blessed us with and enjoy the opportunity to experience them first hand. You may then decide which ones most interest you and learn how to develop them for your own enjoyment and enrichment of your life. This is a fun, enlightening, educational, and entertaining class for both beginners and those of advanced awareness.

“The Joy of Spiritual Development” – 1 day class
Spirit taught Linda the joy of embracing her spiritual journey. She is sharing that knowledge as she awakens and develops your gifts. Discover how to manifest the life that you desire. Experience the joy of learning to connect with your angels, guides and loved ones in spirit. Enjoy the step-by-step methods of empowerment for your spiritual journey.

Akashic Records
Access your “Book of Life” the story of your soul’s journey through many lifetimes and discover the purpose chosen for each lifetime. Learn to do akashic readings for others as you become the facilitator in helping them further understand their past and present soul’s journey.

Reaching Through the Veil to Heal, the Journey of Life Through Death and the World Beyond.
Your loved ones in spirit, angels, spirit guides, and higher self are constantly sending messages to you. Are you connecting? Are you listening? Learn how to connect with the circle of love that continues beyond death. In this workshop, Linda will share insight to further your communication and development on your path in life. Understanding your grief empowers you to move forward with life. Guided by Spirit, Linda will demonstrate her own connection with The Other Side by delivering messages and she will answer questions from the audience. This workshop will be interactive, educational, enlightening and entertaining!

Spiritual Medium and author, Linda Drake has been working as a medium for more than twelve years. Linda uses her unique gift to connect people with loved ones who have passed on. The messages that come through to Linda are deeply compelling, and often startling, as we see the humor that spirits continue to embrace. Linda has a vast and loyal following throughout the United States and internationally.

There is a beautiful realm of light awaiting us that we can all tap into. Since the soul is eternal, our departed can communicate with us from the other side, validating that love never dies. In her presentation, She will share intriguing stories of actual spirit encounters and answer questions from attendees. If time allows, she will then demonstrate her abilities by providing readings for several participants with her flowing, spontaneous delivery that is uniquely Linda. She exudes compassion, humor and comfort …and she will confirm that we are never alone. Linda also teaches multiple ways in which you can learn to communicate with your loved ones in spirit.