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I am now aware that even as a child I had prophetic feelings, thoughts, dreams and visions that were unexplainable and very scary to me. I held regular conversations with beings that I now know as my angels. When I was young I saw spirits as many children do but I had no one to talk about the experiences, so I just told them to go away and I shut down my gifts, as I just wanted to be normal.
There is a section on this website that further explains Abraham. They are a group of spiritual beings that have been assigned by God to be the teachers for humanity. They are here to provide simple yet powerful messages of healing, empowerment and hope for our lives. They teach us about God’s love and his support of our soul’s journey.
I have worked with them since 1998.
I do not know why Abraham chose to share their messages through me, except that I desired to be a healer and was dedicated enough to do the work. Abraham tells me that they want to work with anyone that sets the intent to work with them and follows through with making the changes necessary. They may just work with you in a different way than they do with me. Just as they work with other channels (Esther Hicks) and their method of delivery may be different than mine but Abraham presents the same message through each of us.
When I first acknowledged the voice that was speaking to me and I asked who I was speaking with, I heard “Spirit”. I asked that they explain to me who Spirit was. I heard “Spirit is the consciousness of God, the Masters that bring you the words of God and the Angels that are the fingers of God that work within you life. We are Spirit.
Because miracles happen around me everyday, demonstrating the love of God. In the beginning of my spiritual awakening God created a miraculous healing of my physical body to get my attention and to teach me about miracles. This was the healing I had been praying for, yet I had to be ready to receive. I could not logically deny the transformation God created in me. At that time God began speaking to me directly, asking me to be an instrument of God. I hear a clear, distinct voice that teaches me and answers my questions. God works through many different archangels, masters and spirits to help me provide the spiritual guidance and healing needed for myself and others. My messages of guidance are of love, hope, healing, and spiritual support. I know and trust that these are the messages of God, not the darkness.
I asked Spirit the same question because I am so honored at their trust in me to work with these gifts. The reply I received is: that you are all given multiple spiritual gifts. Your higher self/spirit while designing what you wanted to experience in this lifetime, agreed to be the blessed by these gifts. But with the challenges of your present lives, many of you fail to trust in your worthiness to possess something this powerful and connected to God. It is only when you begin to love yourself that you gain your awareness of your life purpose and the gifts you posses to touch humanity in a positive way. Often the gifts lay dormant until you are ready to move forward with your life. My gifts scared me for most of my life and I wanted them to go away. I now treasure the connection to God and my purpose that these gifts provide me the opportunity of functioning in. I trust that my gift’s are of God and I was trained by God to use them for the highest good of all.
From what Spirit has taught me and what I learned during my own near-death experience, there is definitely a Heaven. It is a place of unconditional love that our spirit ascends to at the time of our physical death. We first go through a transition during which we release all negative energy of thoughts, emotions and actions from our most recent lifetime. This is necessary to receive the complete healing of God’s unconditional love. I found God to have no judgment only Love. The angels and spirits that I work with call this experience going HOME to God.

When I was blessed enough to experienced Heaven for a short time, (I got sent back to do my work) I fearfully asked about Hell. The angels explained to me that Hell is not a particular place, as most of us believe. What we create in our physical lifetimes are situations that hold the same mental, emotional and physical pain as we would envision Hell to be. The karma we create through our own negative actions creates its own painful situation of Hell as restitution for those you hurt in the past. Abraham taught me that the judgment we fear most in Heaven, will turn out to be your own spirit’s judgment of what we have created in this lifetime. As you will then have to design your next lifetime with the purpose of correcting or healing any negativity you created. The opportunity for making amends to those you hurt with your actions may occur in very unpredictable painful or challenging ways that you have no control over at the time. For some of us it may take many lifetimes to correct or clear the negative actions of one.
You have never lost contact with them. The energy of love you shared never dies. They continue to be connected with you yet you may not have the awareness of their presence in your life. You just may not know how to receive their messages or the signs that there are sending you. In our book “The Secret Pathway to Healing” we explain their journey and how they interact with you. We talk about how grief blocks the energy and ways to begin your healing process.
When working with spirits, I begin with a prayer of protection for us both and I open the doorway between the two worlds and ask that spirits connected with you come to be with us. When one appears, I begin asking it a series of questions to figure out the connection it has to you and often they are very informative and forthcoming with information but sometimes it is more difficult. This depends on the spirit, they determine what they want to give me and the information is always from their perspective, as they will retain a strong sense of their personality even on the other side. They will typically give us a distinct message or identification of their life with you. I have been doing this work full time for over 13 years and I have a very strong reputation of accuracy and clarity with my mediumship work.
Yes, they will continually talk if I do not set boundaries for myself and the spirits. Most spirits do not know boundaries. They just know they found someone that can hear them and can connect them to their loved ones. When these spirits discover that this form of communication is available with me they begin trying to connect their loved ones to me in any way that they can. That is why my first book “Reaching Through the Veil to Heal” has been so successful all over the world. I seems to magically find it’s way to people that need it. Spirits everywhere are wanting to connect with their loved ones. It teaches you how to look for the signs to have your own connection as well as providing you a connection to me and my work.
You can contact me through this website. I continue to do in-person and phone sessions as my schedule allows but because of my teaching, travel and the blessed demand I am often several months out on my available times.
In all of our books we address your spiritual support group of spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit, as they are all a very important aspect to your journey through this life. Allowing them to provide the guidance for your life is essential to creating a successful life of purpose and fulfillment. They have the ability and desire to make life so much easier for you. Stillness, meditation and patience with yourself allow you to hear their guidance. Set the intent that you want to work with them. Begin with prayer, as this is how they receive clarity as to what you want and feel you need for your life. Then make time to quiet your mind to listen to them. Do not expect a big booming voice as they know that this would likely scare you. You may need to start with a guided meditation cd to train your mind to be quiet. This is how Spirit taught me to begin the process, as my mind would not shut up at first. Start by giving them one question at a time and stay alert to thoughts that you are given in relation to the question over the day. As you begin to receive and trust give them another question or problem to help you with. A relationship will develop with patience.
From my experience of working with spirits, I have observed and been taught that God always sends the Angels to bring us home. No matter how the death occurs God is part of the experience. In the very beginning God gave our spirits free will and I suspect that he has questioned that decision many times but so be it. Until our spirit goes into the light we retain the consciousness and energy of our most recent lifetime. This consciousness is attached to the positive and negative energy experienced in that lifetime. A negative, angry or fearful spirit may chose not to go into the light for fear of judgment or may be caught up in desiring to continue the negativity of that recent life and may refuse to go into the light. The spirit no longer has the life force energy of God flowing through it so the spirit must drain energy from a living being to support it. A spirit’s guilt about taking their own life will create a fear of negative judgment from God or the loved ones they leave behind. This spirit’s decision is based on unrealistic guilt but it does not realize this until it sees the truth of the light. A spirit’s religious beliefs may give it the judgment and perception that it is unworthy of going into the light. So fear prevents it from crossing into the light at the time of death. A spirit may not want to leave the ones they love. They feel that they have unfinished business or a responsibility to fulfill and cannot abandon their family. This is often a parent or spouse that does not understand how powerful their spirit becomes when it goes into the light. In “Reaching Through the Veil to Heal” we explain the dying process, what happens to the spirit when it crosses into the light and how it continues to interact with those in physical body. This knowledge has been provided to me from the thousands of spirits that I worked with and through the guidance that Spirit provides me.
With the gifts that God has given me I can easily do what most people think of as psychic work (the seeing of future events). This knowledge is very useful for our lives when its purpose is understood but spirit asked for more of me. Spirit designated me a life path healer and provided me with Abraham’s assistance to expand my work to help people heal the obstacles of their life that are preventing them from creating all that they desire. Abraham and I focus on providing people with the knowledge to gain the awareness and understanding of the challenges of their life. This knowledge helps you begin the healing process and make the changes enabling you to create a happier and more purpose filled life. That is the definition that Spirit gave me for being a life path healer.
I always encourage my clients to check out multiple sources of guidance but learn to connect with your own spiritual support group, using others only as confirmation of the knowledge you are receiving. There is not one source or well of knowledge that we all go to for information about you and knowledge for your life. Individuals gifted in this area work with many different masters and spiritual beings or groups providing different clarity and perspectives. Some psychics connect better with the energy of one person than another thus being able to provide more clarity for their lives. As in all areas of life, some psychics are just more gifted or experienced than others. And as with humankind, we do not all live by the same spiritual beliefs and ethics. If you chose to use guidance, check out the person you are connecting with to make sure that they have the same spiritual values and reputation for clarity. This experience may be viewed as entertainment by some, but I take the responsibility of providing spiritual guidance for your life very seriously and although I hope others would do the same it does not always happen that way.
I grew up with the Bible being a big part of my life. I may not know it as well as I would like to but I’ve had it quoted to me often. So I know the high points and research the others as needed. The Bible addresses many aspects of life and has been interpreted in many different ways. 1 Corinthians 12 addresses the spiritual gifts that God has given to humanity. It helps me to better understand the gifts that I was given and the gifts of others. I encourage you to read it in multiple translations as that always helps me better understand and discern my truth. We all have different truths that we live by and our truth changes as we evolve through our experiences. Having judgment of another’s beliefs denies you the opportunity for your own spiritual growth and evolvement. With judgment you sabotage your spiritual journey with negativity and those negative thoughts hold us back from the fully experiencing life. I am told that there are none in physical body that hold all aspects of knowledge. We are here to learn and grow. Only God has the capacity to hold and understand the many aspects of knowledge that are available to us at different times. We are told to go to God as our source of all knowledge and creation to provide knowledge and guidance for our life. When you ask be prepared to receive.
They are part of the spiritual support group that God has provided you. You have spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit that assist you with your life decisions, purpose and challenges. They are often souls you have experienced a previous lifetimes with, or they may be an expert in what you have chosen as your soul purpose. The angels are energy beings created by God just for you and they have been given the purpose of healing and protecting you throughout your life. Your loved ones in spirit are also part of this support group, as they continue to play a big part in helping you accomplish your life purpose. They all work together in helping you have a purposeful and empowered life. Your higher self also chose specific individuals in physical body that you would interact with in this lifetime for the fulfillment of your souls advancement on the human level and the spiritual level. Your relationships with these individuals also enable you to clear karma from past lifetimes.
You need to get in a quiet place and meditate. With consistent practice you can learn to connect and receive clarity of their messages. The first time you make this contact you may be surprised. If you are new to this, be patient. Continue to practice until you no longer come from a place of surprise and interrupt the experience. You have been hearing them your entire life and did not realize the source of the knowledge or guidance. Through practice your can better understand their guidance and learn to trust it. Their names are not essential to receive their guidance. They have no ego so names are not important to them, yet they may be to you. So if you feel that you need a name just ask. Meditation is the prefect time of connection and experience the closeness with them in which you can ask and receive a name. Once you establish a relationship with one, go on to another until you've gained awareness of your entire group.
You are not alone, you have a connection with your guides in spirit. You may know each other from many, many lifetimes and beyond. Right now the only difference between you and them is that you elected to reside in a body on earth and they did not. Therefore, they are there to help you with your challenges and journey. When preparing to come into a lifetime you create a plan for what you desire to accomplish in that lifetime. God provides you with a support group and your spirit guides are part of this group. Through agreement between your soul and theirs they became your teachers and provide guidance for your life. They have full awareness of the challenges and lessons that you chose to experience in your present lifetime. Their purpose is not to make decisions for you, but to provide you with the guidance and opportunities for you to make the best decisions for your life.