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Abraham is a group consciousness of high vibrational spiritual beings. That is a long title for a group of beings that work through God. Their purpose is to bring humanity the wisdom and guidance of God for the advancement of our soul’s journey. Abraham does not function with ego and most of their work is done through human channels.

They have chosen multiple people to work through in delivering their messages. Although Abraham works with many different channels, their most well known channel is Esther Hicks. She has been channeling their messages and writing books with them for over 40 years.

Their messages can be both individual or global depending on the situation. Each channel gives the same message yet often in a slightly different way due to their personality. You each receive knowledge differently, and often need to hear it multiple times before applying to to your life. Abraham focuses on positive intent and empowerment for your life.

Spirit presented Abraham to me as my teachers over 20 years ago as my awareness of my own spiritual journey began. Abraham continually assists me with my own spiritual development and helping others transform their lives. They have channeled their guidance through private sessions, the books we have written and workshops we teach.

Abraham brings us hope and knowledge of our soul’s journey through life, into death and the world beyond. Read more about my journey with Abraham and Spirit.

We all need spiritual support. Whether that comes through personal interaction with like-minded groups and classes or the stimulation of your mind and heart through the knowledge shared in spiritually based books, it is important to continually nurture your spiritual self.

The spirit within you craves your acknowledgment and support to advance your soul’s journey. An expanded spiritual experience holds you in the light and love of God, enabling you to give and receive love of self and others beyond any current limitations.