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All Linda’s readings are in English, both questions and answers. This is different from a psychic reading. This channeled reading is a direct communication between you and your Personal Guides. Linda Drake does not interpret their messages to you. In other words, she does not intuit what they are telling you in your session. Your personal guides speak directly to you and share what they know about you from the past and what they see as guidance for your future. This is more than a reading, it is a rapport-building experience between you and YOUR Personal Guides. The Abraham group will also be assisting your guides with suggestions of healing tools to use in healing the challenges of your life.

Linda does channeled readings for individuals, couples, friends, families, business owners or partners, co-workers, organized groups or associations.

Whether Linda does your channeled reading in person or over the telephone, your channeled reading is completely confidential. Linda’s role as the channel/meduim is to bring the information through and help you understand it. Linda has no attachment to this information, nor does she ever know what your connections from the other side are going to tell you. You always have free will and free choice, no matter what information they bring you. Therefore, the information that they give you can be altered in terms of the ultimate outcome, due to your free will and free choice to act upon it or not. Linda Drake does not make recommendations about your choices, that is always your free will and personal choice.

There is no difference whether you are present or if Linda does your channeled reading over the phone; the information is just as accurate and detailed.

Those that project a skeptical attitude onto their channeled reading session may block the energy coming through. This can block the messages and reduce the quality of the information that would otherwise be clear. Remember … they respect your openness or lack of openness. In other words, they are not pushy. They understand what you are ready for and will not push you beyond that point.

With your channeled reading you are gifted an audio recording of your session. If you are having a phone session, you are encouraged to also use your own recorder from your end of the phone as a back up. The recordings are not guaranteed and occasionally recordings are blank or full of static due to the intensity of the energy Linda works with.