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This is a 2 Day Workshop, taught by Linda Drake and the group consciousness of Abraham.

Through this interactive workshop the Group Consciousness of Abraham will present you with the knowledge and guidance to create the life you desire. You will gain a better understanding of the journey you have chosen for this lifetime and attain the tools to assist you in achieving it. 
This powerful workshop will explore the journey of discovering who you are and the issues you have chosen for this lifetime. The energy is amazing, and the information provides very powerful tools to enrich your life and help overcome life’s obstacles.

Linda Drake’s spiritual guidance is focused directly at empowering your life through awareness of your life plan.

Abraham teaches that God created you, but you are the co-creator of your life. You will receive a step-by-step explanation of the primary issues of your life, as well as the awareness of how these issues have influenced your life. This is your opportunity to connect with the tools of empowerment that were designed for the advancement of your soul’s journey. Are you destined to struggle with relationships or do you have a choice of the outcome? Do you find yourself sabotaging your opportunity for advancement in your career? What belief systems are creating these blockages in your life?

Before you came into this lifetime, you chose the issues you would experience as an opportunity for spiritual growth, now it is time to take responsibility for the life you have created. The knowledge Linda shares enables you to quickly identify and release the negative patterns that repeatedly sabotage your life. Your issues are a big part of your life purpose and having knowledge of these issues is essential to achieving the life that you desire.

This workshop will help you embrace the purpose of your existence and create a transformation in your life thus allowing you to achieve happiness and fulfillment of your purpose.