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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter June 2022

Abraham and Linda’s June 2022 Newsletter
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We are Abraham
Life is about change and growth, and it can be complicated but this is the purpose of your journey through this lifetime.
For most of you, the last few years have been filled with challenges, lessons and changes. These experiences have likely changed you and your world in multiple ways. It’s very possible that it may take years for you to realize, adapt and hopefully appreciate the opportunities this time of change has brought to you.
We would like to address a concern we are hearing from many of you. “What is going on with me?” Let us try to explain.
We have observed the challenges of the recent global experiences and the energy these situations have created. There are a massive number of humans currently experiencing the energy of physical and emotions of fear, pain and grief, along with feelings of insecurity.
We hope to help you gain a better understanding and appreciation of this gift of being an Empath. Those of you that are empaths are especially influenced by these energies. Being an empath means you are hypersensitive to the mental, emotional and physical energy of others. Some of you experience a stronger sensitivity than others. For Empaths, it can be a challenge you will struggle with if you do not understand the gift, or seek to enhance and fulfill your life purpose.
Please remember that each soul is created by The Divine Source, made of an energy which all connect to the one energy. When the energy of the many is expressed in the same way, the intensity is naturally increased. What each part of that energy experiences is experienced by all of you. For those of you that are empaths, your sensitivity to the energy of others may cause emotional and physical distress for you, as you will encounter an even higher level of intensity. In the past, you have adapted and learned to balance your own mental, emotional and physical energy, but when you are faced with the intense surge of energy of others this can severely throw you off balance. Some of you are aware of this aspect of your being and have learned to work with it, yet others are traumatized by its intensity and confused by how you are influenced by this external factor. And some are just unaware and experience the trauma while unconnected to the true source.
Your soul has chosen to participate in this major time of transformation and ascension. It is an honor that your soul has chosen, but as a human it may not be appreciated due to a lack of awareness. For so many of you, your spiritual gifts have intensified, making you more aware of these gifts as you experience life. Others may be able to ignore or diminish these gifts until you are ready to explore them. However, other life experiences may be more obvious and almost impossible to ignore. Yet all the life experiences you have chosen may be experienced in a positive, beneficial way in different aspects of your life if you desire.
At this moment in time, negative emotions from past experiences may be resurfacing. The unhealed memories, emotions of fear, anger, grief, anxiety from life experiences may be triggered. Do you feel that you have been challenged and unusually distracted emotionally, mentally and physically lately? You may want to look more closely at your patterns. These past few years, humanity has experienced life at a higher level of intensity. We use that span of time simply as an example because most of humanity experienced this elevated level of energy coming from one another. (Linda comment: “Please consider what you’ve felt and experienced just in 2020 alone as the world went into isolation, distancing between humans, anxiety and judgement rising. You can draw from your own experience; these are just examples to help you relate”.)
We have talked about being an Empath or simply being more sensitive to energy than most, now…how can you best manage the current situation?
You are each in this lifetime to learn about Love. This is a lesson on learning to love yourself. If your soul has chosen to be an Empath, accept the responsibility of transforming negative emotions into positive. It is not hard to do. Lately, you may be absorbing a tremendous amount of negative emotions and this may be challenging your life more than you understand or desire. We understand and hope to be able to help you with this. The success and fulfillment of your life experiences is of great importance to Spirit. However, Spirit looks to you to take responsibility for – and accept – your life experience. You have been provided with a support group of angels and spirit guides to provide you with guidance, but it is ultimately up to your consciousness to seek this help.
It is important for you to develop and maintain an energetic and emotional balance for all aspects of your life. Start by taking care of yourself…all aspects of your being.
  • Learn to show yourself respect, love and compassion.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Take time to pray. Communication is healing. Express to God, your angels and to yourself your concerns, needs, desires and intentions. God hears you and the angels respond to your needs. You are never alone.
  • Life can be hard but with the Grace of God you can overcome the challenges.
  • Breathe slowly… focused breaths. Breath in slowly, to the count of 4, hold breath to the count of 4 and slowly release to the count of 4. Practice this 5 times. Increasing time with practice.
  • You may be experiencing excess stress, depression or anxiety: stop blaming yourself. Anxiety creates mental and physical health issues. Seek help.
  • If you feel that you need help with your life, seek out a Doctor or therapist. Don’t be afraid to use medication if needed. You are the most important one to the success of your life.
  • Think about what experiences bring you joy. Sit with those memories…with gratitude, feel the energy of those times.
  • Make time in your life for meditation. A time of clarity in which you can still your physical, emotional and mental body. You can connect with your spirit guides and your angels, they are part of you, take time to feel their love and joy. Listen with patience and acceptance of guidance.
  • Start a Gratitude journal and take time to write in it every day.
  • Consciously release the negative energy by becoming the Light of God. The energy of positive thoughts, emotions and actions. Set your intention for what you desire for your life.
  • Embrace your gift of being an Empath and your God given, soul chosen ability of clearing, transforming and releasing negativity from the world. You are Amazing.
Remember, whatever experiences your journey brings you, you are the very energy of God. You are the Child of God. How empowering is that? You are in this life to learn, to teach, to be the Empowered One that you are.
Blessings for your Journey of Enlightenment.
We are Abraham.
From Linda:
I feel the need to address the horrendous situation in Uvalde Texas. I know how hard this has hit everyone. My immediate reaction was shock and tears as yours may have been. And I immediately went into the stages of grief as I knew what the loved ones would be facing. When I reached the stage of anger, quickly intensifying to rage that any human could possibly do such a thing to innocent children and those protecting them, I was a mess. Abraham asked me to sit, breathe and listen. He explained that this action was the work of the underworld, the darkness manipulating a Child of God that suffered mental illness in an effort to take away the power of the masses. “That doesn’t make it OK, I can’t possibly forgive this” I screamed in horror at this action. They asked “Do you desire to feed and fuel the underworld with your anger. You are the Light, you are Powerful, how much of your Light, your Power do you want to give the darkness. Focus your love, compassion and prayers on the family, friends and community that have experienced this tremendous loss. Use your energy and your voice to help make changes to help prevent the darkness from creating these actions in the future. Give yourself permission to grieve and take all the time you need. Try to use this devastating situation as a lesson to teach humanity and hopefully one that humanity learns from. Be the Light of positive thoughts, actions and intentions that humanity needs at this time. This will crush the power of the darkness.” This was Abraham’s message to help me get through my initial reactions and it has helped to support me in working with and learning from my emotions. I desire to be in my purpose and as a Child of God, I refuse to give up my Power. I invite you to practice being in your Power.
Love and Light
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