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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter February 2022

Welcome to 2022.
We, the Group Consciousness of Abraham, welcome you with great Love. We celebrate the transition and growth you have achieved, especially over the last couple of years. We have observed with compassion the many different aspects of struggle you have recently endured. We honor your strength as a Child of God and part of the human life experience.
 We have been asked many times “Is God mad at humanity, why is he punishing us with this horrible, deadly virus?”. Please understand, God did not create the Covid-19 virus nor any of the other tools of destruction that humanity struggle with. God does not punish humanity. God loves and supports you with compassion.
We have been shown that this particular virus was developed in a human study of viruses, which is common and necessary as a measure of protection. It was purposefully developed to study treatments of other viruses, but without the initial awareness of its deadly potential if removed from the security of the laboratory. The transportation and spread of the virus is the Darkness at work against humanity. Please trust that The Physicians of the Light are assisting humanity in developing a viable treatment with the intention of diminishing the physical influence this virus has on humanity. The Darkness has used the energy of the virus far beyond the deaths and illnesses it has produced. The Darkness has created a division among God’s children, using emotions of fear, judgment, control and anger to feed and empower the darkness within your world. It is your choice as to if and how the darkness gains access to your power.
You were each created by The Divine Source with the duality of the Light and the Darkness within you, as this is part of the soul’s lessons, growth and evolvement. Your consciousness decides for you as to which energy you will give your power to at any given time. When you are joined together as part of The One energy, being a Child of God you are powerful far beyond any darkness. But when you are stressed, and fear based you may lose your focus, intention, and truth and accept the division. This is when humanity becomes an easy target of the Darkness.  This is one of the many lessons your soul is in human form to learn from. But this particular situation has proven to be a significant, formative lesson at this time.
The Darkness may have used the virus against humanity, but God found a way to further benefit humanity’s evolvement. This is God’s way of thwarting the intention of the darkness.
Your soul created your life plan, with all of the success, love and support of your life and relationships, as well as the challenges, losses and tragedies you may experience a long the way. It is a soul’s privilege to come into the physical life experience that is supported by God. This is how the human existence works and your soul realized this when it chose the opportunity to come into this lifetime. The soul saw the potential to gain a higher awareness of kindness, love and forgiveness, even through the darkest of times and the biggest challenges. This is the purpose of the human journey through life.
It is detrimental to your life experience if you allow the Darkness to use you by creating negative thoughts of division and hatred within you. How you choose to think and act is within your power.
The experiences produced by the extended pandemic situation and changes to your health, family, relationships, housing, jobs and most all aspects of your life may have altered the way you think about life. We are hoping you can transform any forms of negativity the experience created for you into positive thoughts and emotions. The pandemic may have unexpectedly provided you with numerous opportunities for your growth. Depending on how you chose to use the time, you were given the opportunity to gain a better perspective of your life, to focus on who you are and who you want to be. The empowerment lies before you. It is your time to heal the pain of the past, to learn to love, forgive and have compassion for others in the same way God does for you.
Yes, as The Group Consciousness of Abraham, we are sure the life issues that God sent us to teach about have presented themselves to you during this time, as you may have been struggling with negative belief systems that are really not your truth or at least you do not want them to be. How have the life issues your soul chose influenced your life experiences? The healing of relationship issues of trust, abandonment, abuse, control, judgment, responsibility, and love is your life purpose. Healing those issues may be the biggest purpose of this lifetime for you, and they will influence your life in significant, challenging ways. This is how you make change.
Decide to heal, to change, to become the person you want to be…without limitation, that is the first step. (Did you not expect us to share our guidance when it comes to your life purpose. That is our purpose.)
The Darkness may not appreciate the positive opportunity of change, evolvement, and enlightenment that this pandemic has provided you but God Does! Seek your Light, your Truth.
We acknowledge the many situations of destruction and loss through fires and weather disasters that many of you have experienced. We have seen how many of you have taken the opportunity to open your hearts through prayers, monetary contributions, and physical assistance in helping others as you can. This is one of the many ways God works through you. As a Child of God, you do his/her work. God has great appreciation for your energy of love and compassion. You are blessed and you bless the lives of others with your positive energy of the light. We suggest learning to live your life with Gratitude, be an example of the Light and how it can change lives.
God has also asked us to share another message: Over the past few years due to the covid-19 virus there has been an exceptionally large number of God’s children coming home. God recognizes your love and the grief of your losses. God hopes you can understand how your loved one’s journey home is celebrated and that all of their needs are being met. These loved ones in Spirit maintain their connection to you through the love that you shared with them. You can feel closer to them just by calling their name, looking at their picture and thinking of them. This intention will help connect you to them. Watch for the signs and the messages they share with you in multiple ways. Start with trust and be in a state of love.
We have awareness of the damage that fear, isolation, division, and negative beliefs have caused. So many have suffered greatly with physical, emotional, and mental challenges during this period of time. God created you as a part of The One. You were not created to be isolated for long periods of time.
Many of you have not recovered from the prolonged situation and are still suffering with anxiety and/or depression. If this is your situation, we encourage you to reach out for professional help. Whether mentally or emotionally having just gone through this very challenging time, it is essential that you take care of yourself.
It is within your power to diminish the darkness, to close the gaps of judgment and division. Stand in the Light. We are proud of you and the work you have done on yourself, as well as the example you are for others.
We understand you will each follow your own beliefs and find your own truth. We do not express judgment of any form, we do not wish to challenge you, only share information to hopefully resolve the concerns that have been expressed to us.
Your belief is your responsibility and your choice.
We are Abraham
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