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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter May 2020

      May, 2020
       Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter
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Linda’s Message
I hope everyone is staying safe in these challenging times.
I have received multiple emails wanting to know if I am still doing my work with Spirit. Of course I am, my work never stops or at least I hope it doesn’t. Although my work has changed a bit. With Spirit’s assistance as usual, I will be doing all of my work through phone sessions. Please be assured that I am able to use all of the same tools of guidance and healing through my phone sessions. Those of you that have been doing your work with me over the phone all along totally understand.
Because of my health challenges, Spirit has instructed me to stay responsible and protective of my health. In response, I have delayed restarting my in-person sessions until I am instructed by Spirit.  I love the energy of sharing a hug, so I am sad about the isolation, but I appreciate Spirit’s concern for me.
On a lighter note, I have exciting news: For over three years Abraham and I have been preparing for this time of limited travel and the need for more learning and growth of the spiritual journey through on-line support. I admit I did not understand how important this (new to me) process of learning and healing would become. I love assisting Abraham with their classes and channeling their spiritual guidance for you. Abraham’s group definitely love to teach, support and help you heal so that you can advance on your soul’s journey. I often say the Abraham group would have me teaching from a street corner if I could get people to stop and listen. We’ve taught in a lot of places, but not a street corner as of yet.
Last month we started offering Abraham’s class recordings for sale on my website. We had a great response and I want to Thank all of you for your wonderful support. We are still working out the kinks, but most sales are going through just fine. I appreciate your patience. And of course our books are still available through our website.
I asked Abraham, considering all that we are going through with the challenges of this pandemic, if we could provide you with additional support by gifting you with a free recording of one of our messages. Yea!!! They agreed and for the month of June we will be offering the class recording of “Prayer and Meditation” as our gift to you. When ordering through my website you may use the code “HOPE2020” to receive this recording free of charge. It will download to your computer for you to listen to at your convenience.
We have 6 other class recordings available at this time and hope to be adding 3 others by the middle of June, with more to come each month. These recordings are focused on The Group Consciousness of Abraham’s guidance for your spiritual development, self-awareness, support and Healing of your life issues. God sent Abraham to humanity with the purpose of assisting you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose for this lifetime and this guidance is what they hope to share in our recordings.
***For those of you that have already purchased our Prayer and Meditation recording please email me and I will allow you to select a different class recording as our gift to you.
When Abraham channeled their message for our May 2020 Newsletter I cried. The last few months have been difficult for so many people, in so many unexpected ways. I have seen people facing challenges far beyond what anyone could have imagined. I have seen the best in people, as they opened their hearts with compassion, volunteering their time at food banks, making masks for the front-line workers, contributing in whatever ways that they could and continually looking for ways to further help complete strangers. Maybe tired and exhausted, but it is obvious how these people feel good about what they are doing for others and they keep showing up to meet the challenges head on with dedication to their purpose. That describes the Love and Light in someone who realizes that we are all part of the same energy. We are all children of God. I’ve seen this experience as an opportunity for parents to teach their children to have compassion and awareness of others without judgment, to reach out and find a way to make a difference in this world. In this experience, there have been so many lessons to teach and so many lessons to learn from. We all have our own challenges, but I am so proud to see humanity responding with such love. What a powerful, transitional time we are in. Thank you God, through your example of unconditional love, you have given us an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to shine brighter than ever, as we become the example for others to learn from.
Blessings to your journey of healing.
Love and Light

Life is an amazing journey of transformation, full of endless opportunities to embrace your true power and potential as human beings – and you always have a choice.
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Abraham’s Message

I am Abraham,
We, the Group Consciousness of Abraham, have been sent to you from God the creator as messengers and teachers. Our purpose is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance and support to help you create the life experience and evolvement that your soul desires.  Yes, many of you challenge us as you limit your life experiences by your own judgment, fear and lack of trust, but we do not judge your actions.  We understood the challenge when we accepted the job; To help you learn about the issues and life lessons your spirit has chosen for this life, this is our purpose.  To teach you that you are a Child of God and how powerful you are at manifesting a healthy life of love, happiness and prosperity. Your spirit may have chosen challenges for you to learn from but it would have also chosen the opportunity to change and heal those experiences. This is empowerment.
Congratulations, as a CHILD OF GOD, you are going through a challenging time of transition, unlike anything you have experienced in your current lifetime and you are doing amazingly well. WE see the energy of humanity changing and this is what God was hoping for. God did not create the energy of this virus, but God is going to use this situation in the full HOPE of transforming your world and humanity. God created YOU, filled with the light, the strength and the power of HIS unconditional LOVE. God is within you at all times and WE have seen that light shining through you, especially during this time of distress, uncertainty and challenge. Regardless of the changes this medical virus has presented to humanity, however it has affected you, your family, your friends, the security of your life or the life of complete strangers, it is up to you to decide how you are going to respond to it. You are POWERFUL. Your PERSPECTIVE, of this situation has the power to change your world. Our current situation has created a darkness of fear, however understand that this fear is a choice, an experience for you to learn from. The experiences you are being provided give opportunity of growth for your soul, your consciousness and the full human experience. This is an unfamiliar situation and one that you may feel – or – fear you have no control over, but that perspective is wrong. It is our hope that you will realize this with very little emotional struggle.. Fear is an emotion and as with any emotion, it can be powerful if you give it that purpose. Emotions are not your power…your soul, your consciousness, your mental and physical being holds your power. You have been given the intellect to have awareness of emotions and to process emotions. Your power is deciding how you desire to respond to these emotions for your highest good.
Please know that this moment in time is filled with opportunities that your soul intends to use for your growth.
WE have observed many of you turning to God in prayer, not just for yourself but with concern and compassion for others, reinforcing your FAITH in God and remembering that YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD in all of your power. WE are joyful that some of you are remembering how it feels to experience an empowering connection with God, a concept you may have forgotten or separated yourself from. God did not abandon you; your life situation may have created the false illusion of separation. WE have seen prayer create miraculous recoveries and provided great comfort in times of grief and loss.
WE have observed the changes being created in your life. For many, it has given you the opportunity to see beyond the stress of your life, your job, your daily commitments, as your new opportunity may have allowed you to become  focused on more important things or more necessary concerns. Your perceptions of what and who is important to your life is changing. You may see life with more clarity now.  In this time of transition, you may have experienced the loss of a loved one, a job, a home or a significant disruption to the life you had created. All of these “challenges” have created the opportunity of change for your life and the lives you may be able to touch with your compassion, your actions, your concern, your strength and your example. It is God’s hope that through this experience you remember that each of you are all of one energy. The energy of Love. When you unselfishly share that love with others your consciousness remembers the feeling of being one again with God, the source of all love and all of the different aspects of you. (other souls) You discover how powerful and influential you are in working as one instead of allowing judgment to separate you as you may have experienced before this moment in time. When you help others in whatever way that you can, you feel the JOY, FULFILLMENT and PRIDE of making a difference in someone else’s life and you learn to have appreciation of who you are and others, you gain respect for yourself. Your soul makes the connection, as you recognize your oneness…your connection through love. Our anticipation is that as the awareness of your purpose expands, your determination to change the past and go forward into an existence of functioning on a higher vibration level of oneness with all souls will then become the empowerment of your life, your future and the world.
WE have observed this situation as seen through the eyes of fear for some, but remember, fear is their choice. Empowerment comes from works of compassion, sacrifice and the determination to responsibly and consciously respond to the changes you have experienced. This experience will change all of those involved in a significant way. This has become the purpose of this transition…to fight against the intent of the darkness by remembering how powerful you are as the LIGHT. WE are impressed at how beautifully so many of you are responding to the changes you are experiencing. For many of you, your worlds have changed dramatically.
For those of you with control issues, the world you had so carefully created to be physically safe and financially secure has changed. And You have changed. While this can be a scary time, a time filled with fear of the unknown and challenges you may perceive that you are supposed to maneuver through these events without failure. Because of your old negative beliefs, you may feel that this is setting you up for failure. Allow this feeling to remind you that this is only a perception but it is NOT your truth.
With so much changing so quickly, you may intuitively recognize many of your life issues that we have taught about and you may have worked with are coming up for you.  Take a breath, acknowledge the issue through awareness of your  negative patterns of the past. Then focus on who you want to be, remember who you are, and consciously create the life you desire.
WE encourage you to trust that God hears all prayers. You are never alone, as HE has provided Angels, Spirit Guides and Masters as your support group to carry you through this journey of life. As a servant of God and a Child of God, continue to allow  His to shine through you, you can be the hope that others need and that you need.
WE are Abraham
You are all Children of God and you are powerful. Dream big and create the life you desire.   
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