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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter July 2020


      July, 2020
       Abraham and Linda’s Message
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Linda’s Message
 In talking with many of you, I frequently hear that you are experiencing an unusual sadness and feel that you are missing your connection with people. What you are missing is the energy of personal interaction that we receive from hugs and the sharing of spiritual knowledge and beliefs with like-minded people. People like you that are on their spiritual journey of Light and Love. That is who you are missing. You are missing the energy of love that supports the journey you desire.  Maybe it is time to re-connect with that journey or just remember where you are going. I know this is a difficult time as we adjust to the limitations of the pandemic. In hoping to provide support for your journey I invite you to join us as I channel with The Group Consciousness of Abraham.
Manifesting with Linda Drake – At The Seeker’s Round Table (Online Class)
Thursday – July 30th, 2020.  7-8:30pm central time
In spite of current world challenges, NOW is the time to embrace and learn about manifesting, raising your vibration, as well as the vibration of the planet.
At its core, manifestation is about establishing new beliefs.
All of your experiences are part of your life plan.  By gaining a greater understanding of why you have manifested certain situations you can become empowered, transform your patterns, and begin manifesting a new direction and positive outcome, for yourself, your communities, and the world.
Learn to view your life from God’s perspective, without judgment but with the hope of successful fulfillment of your life purpose.
Linda will be working with the Group Consciousness of Abraham to teach about manifestation and creating the life you desire. Linda and Abraham’s messages are always powerful, as they address your real-life challenges with proven solutions.
When Linda channels there are always delightful surprises, as Abraham reaches out to meet the needs of the audience.
Don’t miss this event! 🙂
About The Instructor : 
Linda is an Life Path Healer, Intuitive/Medium, channel, teacher, and published author of two books, “Reaching Through the Veil to Heal” and “The Secret Pathway to Healing Your Issues.”  She has traveled and worked with many people, including celebrities, from around the world. 
Through the guidance of the Group Consciousness of Abraham, Linda assists people in discovering their soul’s purpose for this lifetime. Abraham’s messages of empowerment provide tools to release negative belief systems and patterns that challenge your life.  Learn how to heal past relationships, freeing you to create the life you desire.
This class is sponsored by The Seeker’s Round Table (TSRT).
Thursday, July 30th
7pm – 8:30pm
For More Information and To Register
  We are extending our offer through September
 I have exciting news: For over three years Abraham and I have been preparing for this time of limited travel and the need for more learning and growth of the spiritual journey through on-line support. I admit I did not understand how important this (new to me) process of learning and healing would become. I love assisting Abraham with their classes and channeling their spiritual guidance for you. Abraham’s group definitely love to teach, support and help you heal so that you can advance on your soul’s journey. I often say the Abraham group would have me teaching from a street corner if I could get people to stop and listen. We’ve taught in a lot of places, but not a street corner as of yet.
Last month we started offering Abraham’s class recordings for sale on my website. We’ve had a great response and I want to Thank all of you for your wonderful support. We are still working out the kinks, but most sales are going through just fine. I appreciate your patience. And of course our books are still available through our website.
I asked Abraham, considering all that we are going through with the challenges of this pandemic, if we could provide you with additional support by gifting you with a free recording of one of our messages. Yea!!! They agreed and for through the month of September we will be offering the class recording of “Prayer and Meditation” as our gift to you. When ordered it will download to your computer for you to listen to at your convenience.
 (With all that the world is currently experiencing we have decided to extend our gift of the free “Prayer and Meditation” audio recording through the month of September)
We have 6 other class recordings available at this time and hope to be adding 3 others by the middle of August, with more to come each month. These recordings are focused on The Group Consciousness of Abraham’s guidance for your spiritual development, self-awareness, support and Healing of your life issues. God sent Abraham to humanity with the purpose of assisting you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose for this lifetime and this guidance is what they hope to share in our recordings.
The last few months have been difficult for so many people, in so many unexpected ways. I have seen people facing challenges far beyond what anyone could have imagined. I have seen the best in people, as they opened their hearts with compassion, volunteering their time at food banks, making masks for the front-line workers, contributing in whatever ways that they could and continually looking for ways to further help complete strangers. Maybe tired and exhausted, but it is obvious how these people believe in what they are doing for others and they keep showing up to meet the challenges head on with dedication to their purpose. That describes the Love and Light in someone who realizes that we are all part of the same energy. We are all children of God. I’ve seen this experience as an opportunity for parents to teach their children to have compassion and awareness of others without judgment, to reach out and find a way to make a difference in this world. In this experience, there have been so many lessons to teach and so many lessons to learn from. We all have our own challenges, but I am so proud to see humanity responding with such love. What a powerful, transitional time we are in. Thank you God, through your example of unconditional love, you have given us an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to shine brighter than ever, as we become the example for others to learn from.
Blessings to your journey of healing.
Love and Light
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