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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter June 2019

       June 2019
       Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter
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Table of Contents

Linda’s Message
I will apologize in advance for my part of our newsletter as it is long and you are welcome to go straight to Abraham’s message.
 I truly hope 2019 has been blessed for you.
In November, 2018 I was questioning Abraham about my upcoming schedule for Spring. For the past 11 years we have started our travel for the year with our trip to the east coast. Spirit and Abraham give me the instructions for the trip and consecutive event locations around the country. But all they would tell me was that we would be looking at changes in 2019 and I was to be patient. They have directed my life and work for over 20 years and I trust them completely, so I tried to be patient as they requested.
In December, Abraham started their part of this newsletter with their messages about change and I thought I understood all about the adjustments, perception, acceptance and growth that change provides us. I soon figured out what they were talking about when change suddenly started touching my life as a reminder. I would like to share my current life changes with you.
We had an amazing week before Christmas celebrating with our family when our life changes began. Not a huge change, but one that I had to adjust my perception to. On Christmas morning we awoke early and turned on the local news to see the image of what we quickly recognized as our motor home in flames. Of course it wasn’t just ours burning, the whole RV storage complex with 20 units was on fire, but all I could see was the news camera focused on the inferno of fire consuming ours. I soon realized they were focused on ours because all of the other ones were already in ashes.
Many of you may remember that my husband Pat and I travel the country at Abraham and Spirit’s direction 40%- 50% of the year. We have traveled in this way for the past 12 years and love it. We were truly blessed, as our motor homes provided us with the perfect way to teach, meet and connect with my clients all over the country. I’ve loved each of our motor homes but especially our current one and the opportunities it provided us. The loss has been hard to accept, I admit I had to take time to grieve, but I am so thankful that no one was hurt in the fire and we did have insurance. So we are definitely blessed, even in our loss.
Our life changing experiences continued. In February, one of my family members was diagnosed with Cancer. I know, so many of you…too many of you have experienced the same gut wrenching news about yourself or someone you love. There are just too many unknowns with that news and it is so scary.
It shatters the security of your world. Change… I am delighted to say that our family member is in recovery.  God blessed us with multiple miracles.  The Drs. are surprised but I’m not. Lots of lessons and lots of growth, but thank you God, we are so very grateful for the miracles.
And change continues as I have struggled with my own health issues. Although they are nothing like cancer, they have provided me a different perspective to life. Back in November I injured my back and neck leaving me with chronic pain, unfortunately debilitating at times.  I just expected it to heal so that I could go on with my busy life, but it didn’t. Thank God for my Reiki, it gets me out of bed in the morning. I have tried to maintain my schedule when possible, but with my pain, and treatments I have had to cut back my hours and at times had to reschedule full days if the pain was too bad. I am truly sorry if these unexpected changes inconvenienced your schedule and needs. I take my work very serious and I will not give you anything but my best. The pain even limits the time I am able to sit at the computer to write our newsletters, so I have gotten behind in getting them written for you. I realize you need Abraham’s guidance as much as I do, so I again apologize. So far we have not been able to achieve a resolution to my pain but we are hopeful for upcoming procedures. I appreciate your prayers. I am continuing to offer sessions with hope for your patience.
Someone asked me “why would Spirit let all of this happen to you when you are doing their work?” my answer was ” I am human just like you. Why would Spirit deny me the opportunity of working with change in my life and these experiences will definitely open the door for change. I am thankful that it wasn’t the loss of my home, a family member or my health. These lessons are plenty for me to learn from.  I welcome change from the pain I have been in, to a healthy pain free body. I know it is coming and I will celebrate with a happy dance.
My doctor did note that these injuries were common in people born in the year that I was. Whaaat? My husband quickly placed his hand on my knee, in hopes of holding me back from strangling the doctor, but he was safe. I was in too much pain to move. I just growled.
These events have definitely made me think about all of the people that have lost family members, homes, businesses and possessions in recent flooding, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes. Sometimes when the news has stopped focusing on the devastating images, like many, I go back to my busy life, forgetting the difficult life changes that others are still experiencing. I try to hold them in my prayers, asking that God give them the strength and courage to survive their losses. I try to make financial contributions, hoping that it will make some difference for them, but I realize their lives will forever be changed. I have now added to my prayers that we all learn from the lessons of others and remember those less fortunate and than us with a generous heart.
God did not take someone I loved away from me, but the event did open a new doorway of opportunities for my life and my work with Spirit and Abraham.
We are not sure what Spirit has planned for us in 2019 and beyond, but I am sure they will let us know soon enough. Watch our future newsletters and we will share our 2019 plans with you. Until Spirit’s plans are shared, I will be doing my sessions and teaching classes in my Austin office and over the phone as usual. You may contact my assistant Rusty through my website to schedule your session.
I am excited to be presenting information about my upcoming new Reiki events in Austin for 2019.

Life is an amazing journey of transformation, full of endless opportunities to embrace your true power and potential as human beings – and you always have a choice.
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Abraham’s Message

I am Abraham,
We, the Group Consciousness of Abraham, have been sent to you from God the creator as messengers and teachers. Our purpose is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance and support to help you create the life experience and evolvement that your soul desires.  Yes, many of you challenge us as you limit your life experiences by your own judgment, fear and lack of trust, but we do not judge your actions.  We understood the challenge when we accepted the job; To help you learn about the issues and life lessons your spirit has chosen for this life, this is our purpose.  To teach you that you are a Child of God and how powerful you are at manifesting a healthy life of love, happiness and prosperity. Your spirit may have chosen challenges for you to learn from but it would have also chosen the opportunity to change and heal those experiences. This is empowerment.
You are powerful and You can decide what you want your life to be.
Change is such an important part of life. It is not that you are suddenly in an intensified state of change. No, this is the typical energy of change for humanity. The difference is that you are more enlightened about life. That spiritual journey you were seeking is going to take you on the ride of your life.  There are no limitations here. You know that nagging sense that something was missing. That missing piece is right there waiting for you. Now is your time.
What is enlightenment?  So many of you have gained a self awareness that you may not have experienced in the past. That is why the changes you are experiencing may seem bigger. An awareness of who you are and what you want in life. The awareness that you are powerful enough to make your desired life happen for you. You strive to educate yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  You make changes when you choose to heal aspects of your life that are holding you back from your full potential. You take charge of your life. You are learning to think for yourself and we encourage this. You are learning to love yourself.  For many of you this concept is new. This is one of the most important lessons of life. Self Love involves compassion, respect, pride, confidence, and forgiveness.  These are just a few traits, I am sure you are working to discover your own.
Part of self love is believing in your self and giving your self permission to become the person you want to be. Often people become who others want them to be, in an effort to earn love and loose the best parts of who they are. And this pattern make take time to change but this change is possible and necessary.
To be Enlightened is loving who you are and striving to be the best you possible.  It is continually working to create the life you desire.  The energy of intention and change enables you to manifest your life experience. Change does not have to be big and dramatic to get you closer to your desires.  Small changes are powerful too. Or it can be a big life transforming change. The change has no energy of it’s own.  Your perspective of the change is what gives it power in your life. You have the ability to decide how you think and feel about the event.  Your life is your responsibility. There are consequences to your choices. You may have made a choice in the past that provided an challenging experience for you to learn from. These experiences are what life is about. With awareness, self love and courage to experience change, other experiences await you.
Change in life is inevitable, it can be both challenging and empowering.  It is the energy of life and this energy is in a constant flow of movement.  It is not to be feared but embraced as an opportunity for growth. Your soul has created the life you are living, with all of the lessons and opportunities of achievement available to you. This is your soul’s plan of evolvement that it desired to achieve in this life time.  Once the energy of change is activated, your consciousness decides how you will respond to the changes you experience. The thoughts, actions and emotions that you attach to the event depends on your chosen perception. It can be positive or negative. That is your choice. Your soul’s chosen issues that you came to physical body to experience are played out through change. You may be afraid to make a change in a relationship, job or desired opportunity. Your soul may assist your advancement by creating the energy of change for you. Although many of you struggle with the issue of wanting to be in control, this may be a challenge for you and push your trust button also. This is the time to step up and begin manifesting what you desire. You do have control in working with the opportunity of change and making it the best experience possible for you.
  I am Abraham, we honor you with love
 You are all Children of God and you are powerful. Dream big and create the life you desire.   
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