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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter April 2021

Linda’s MessageI am often asked why I use the term “Love and Light”. What does that mean? I use it because Spirit uses it with me. Setting the intention that I focus my life on creating and sharing the Love of God…unconditional love, without judgment, never failing, fulfilling our needs, a constant and supportive love. Presented with Light…presenting the energy of compassion, patience, positive thoughts, actions and intentions while allowing God to shine his light through me. It is my purpose to present and teach Love and Light, as it is yours. When you realize you have the opportunity to be an emissary of God, you begin to take your purpose more seriously, as it is your opportunity to put yourself out into the world as an example of Love and Light. This energy can change the world and it does. Just watch how it changes yours.
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Abraham’s Message“What is going on with our world? Has everyone but me gone crazy? Or is it just me? Is this the end of times?” We often hear these thoughts expressed with great concern, fear, frustration and anger. The experiences your world is going through is nothing out of the normal ebb and flow of energy and opportunities for growth. Yes, certain situations and humanity’s responses to them have definitely given the darkness more opportunity and a bigger arena to play in. There is a battle between the light and the darkness going on, as the darkness tries to use the energy of negativity, uncontrolled, uneducated emotion of darkness to manipulate your life situations. These are the typical actions of the darkness, but at times the human population goes through bigger lessons, as an opportunity to gain a greater role of awareness and responsibility for what you are creating. This is one of those times.You are each on different paths and purposes and lessons to learn, so your experiences will appear differently. But you are all created as one, so your energy is connected. The experience of one is the experience of all.It is empowering to remember that The Light is always more powerful that the darkness. There are always realms of Angels, Warriors of the Light, fighting for your soul and human existence and working through your physical being if you will allow them to. The choice between the Light and the darkness is an awareness provided for your human consciousness and ego. You are far more powerful than your human mind remembers. You must learn about this power or the darkness will use it against you…another lesson. Your soul has already made it’s choice to be of the Light, the lesson is for the consciousness to experience. The experiences of darkness are very different from the experiences of the Light. Have awareness, as you may see this as you experience these energies in life. You may feel weaker, easily controlled or manipulated or unbalanced when you are being influenced by the darkness.Your Soul agreed to participate in the opportunities of the human experience, enabling the Soul to evolve to a higher vibration awareness and greater compassion and Love of all that exists. Your Soul and the opportunity of a physical being was created from Love and Light, from the energy of God. Yet your physical being was intentionally created with the aspects of duality, having access to energy of both Light and darkness. This is where your lessons of responsibility and empowerment for your human life experiences will be explored. Your Soul meticulously designed your human experience, even the biggest challenges provide for the greatest opportunity of the soul’s growth. Remember you are extremely powerful. YOU are able to create the life you desire through your thoughts, actions, emotions and overall intentions. Having awareness of your intentions is essential to creating a life of Love and Light.We observe your experiences with ego, intellect and your responsibility for the life you are creating. YOU ARE POWERFUL in creating and functioning in experiences with the Light and the darkness. Remember those words, as it is our purpose to teach you about that responsibility, as well as helping you to maneuver through life’s challenges. As we see things, we believe the job that God has sent us here to accomplish is secure and never ending. We hope for an eventual collective awakening and embrace of wisdom about life’s purpose but with the number of Souls seeking evolvement at this time we expect to be working with this purpose for a very long period. The souls have an awareness that there is an urgency to fulfill their potential, enabling the soul to embrace the opportunities and the work that is coming. Our job of providing humanity with a greater understanding of the human life, it’s purpose, healing opportunities, karma and consequences to choices is never ending. WE do not interpret any of your experiences as failures, as this is your journey and we appreciate the privilege of working with you.You are powerful…Live your life with this awareness.WE have observed your recent challenges and lessons with your relationship experiences. This is part of the human experience, how you respond it up to you. How have your recent experiences with your family, friends, co-workers and other humans changed you? You may have noticed that the darkness is trying to create a violent division between races, cultures, gender, even political beliefs, igniting anger, fear, judgment and even hatred for someone who dares to think or act different from you. WE realize this is an experience you must be exposed to, enabling you to realize how dangerous it is for your world to be divided without respect for other’s rights. Many of your souls have chosen to share with others the privilege of living in a county that has fought, sacrificed and died to provide you the experience of free thinking, free speech and the practice of your beliefs. Not all countries have this privilege. And this freedom creates many more opportunities of awareness, responsibility and growth. This is a time to learn from life, learn from history and make changes that are beneficial for humanity.If you have the opportunity to educate yourself in developing a belief, opinion, choice and create an action in support of your decision, why shouldn’t others have that same privilege? They can think different from you. This does not have to be a threat to you. Don’t let the darkness convince you that it is a threat.  This creates a fear of differences. The darkness will feed you negative thoughts to fill any space that is not supported by the Light. You make decisions on how you want to live and what you want to create in your life. Others have that same responsibility, but only if they accept that responsibility can it benefit them.Making choices is an important part of life. Having a choice and learning from the experiences is how you grow. Most of you have the ability and opportunity to think for yourself…use this opportunity to create a healthier life for you and your family. Identify and eliminate the negativity from your life. It is your responsibility to yourself and to others to make educated choices. At times you may be the example that others base their decisions on, or you may become the subject of their anger and fear when your decision differs from theirs. Making choices for your life and taking action to support those choices is an important part of life’s lessons. You learn confidence when you make responsible choices that support your life in a positive way. You each have different needs and responsibilities in life. Embracing and demonstrating negative judgment is not beneficial, negativity is a lesson but typically detrimental to the security of a healthy life plan. You are each unique, based the experiences of your life history and current experiences. Who are you now and what do you believe in? It is your choice as to how much power you chose to give others in educating you. Seek and find your truth. Make choices that you can support without negativity. Anger, fear, judgment of other people’s choices will diminish your ability to be a positive influence in your relationships.Unfortunately, what was once a healthy, significant relationship can quickly be sabotaged because of judgment and disrespect. And that is what it is, when you judge others negatively because they have a differing opinion from yours, there is a loss of respect. Why should your opinion be superior to others or theirs of you? Others may see things in a different way than you and your negative actions will seldom persuade others to think as you do. Having respect for yourself and others is an essential life lesson to developing healthy relationships.Your purpose in each lifetime is to explore relationships, learning to love and respect yourself and others while sharing the experiences of life. Sometimes it is respect and boundaries, sometimes it is vulnerability and trust. There is so much that you are supposed to learn from a relationship. Have awareness of the experience and your opportunity for growth.Celebrate Life!!!WE are Abraham
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