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Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter February 2017

  Linda March 2013

    February 2017            Abraham and Linda’s Newsletter     You are receiving this email as a client of Linda’s, you may have requested to receive Linda and Abraham’s e-newsletter, or self-subscribed for event updates.  Sharing the wisdom and messages of the Abraham group is a joy for me and I appreciate the kind feedback I so often receive.  While we may not communicate one-on-one as often as either of us would like, these newsletters allow me to feel our connection in Spirit.    However, my wish is to never intrude upon you without your permission.  You may unsubscribe immediately simply by clicking Here.  And, you may update your email address by clicking here.  
I thank you for not reporting this mailing as “spam”.  Doing so can inadvertently prevent those who value our updates and newsletters from receiving it through this service.

In this issue Linda’s Message Abraham’s Message Linda’s Message   I am here with the group consciousness of Abraham. It is always our pleasure to be with you. Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to receive Abraham’s divine guidance for your life.   Happy Valentines Day!!! What a wonderful time of year to slow our lives down long enough to express our gratitude for the ones that mean so much to us. For me this is you.  Many of you see the commercial ads for Valentines Day as being focused on the exchange of candy, flowers or maybe even jewelry. Is that what Valentines day is about for to you? You may have gotten the impression that it is only a time for couples and romance, yet I think the children have the right idea. They exchange cards and notes with all their little friends. Asking them to share their friendship and be a special person in their life. I think that is what “Be my Valentine” should really mean.     As Abraham teaches us, every day should be a time to express love to others but especially to your self. So many of you devote your time and energy supporting the needs of others, in an effort to demonstrate your love for them, and that is wonderful if it is also meeting your needs. But how often do you give that same time and attention to actually doing things for yourself. How often do others have awareness of your needs and reach out to meet those needs. You may have noticed that you have become depleted because you have not taken time to recharged your own batteries. Is this a healthy relationship for you? What are you teaching your family and friends about being part of a healthy relationship? These kind of actions takes a toll on you, yet many of you allow it, mostly because you do not know any better. Some of you have actually made the care taking of others your life purpose. I recognize this because I have done the same thing at multiple times in my life. If care taking  is your choice you must take care of your self first and foremost. If you don’t take care of you who will take care of the people that become dependent upon you and that are obviously important to you. You actually taught them (without realizing it) to act in this way because you were such an attentive friend, or family member.   Abraham loves to teach me through example and one day his lesson for me was quite alarming. I was casually sitting on an airplane waiting for it to take off. Arranging my things, making my little nest as my husband calls it. The flight attendant began explaining about the use of the oxygen mask – about how in case of emergency the mask will drop down and you are to calmly place the mask over your face, taking a deep breath and then helping others with their mask if needed. The point being – make sure you are able to breath first. I am sure like me if you’ve flown you have heard the talk, but I wasn’t paying much attention as I had heard it so many times.   Abraham suddenly said to me “Listen to this”, waiting a moment and repeating “Listen to this, it is an important message” hearing this so clearly I began to get more than a bit concerned. I responded out loud “What?? Is there some reason I need to be paying close attention to the emergency instructions?” Thinking maybe I needed to be grabbing my things and getting off the plane… immediately. They calmly said “no you are fine, but the message is beneficial and you need to apply the same instructions to your life”. Upon talking with them I realized their meaning. I should be taking care of my needs first, so that I could then share my energy, my strength and guidance with others who needed it. But they definitely got my attention and I will remember the message. Sometimes their timing of information could use a little work.   Hopefully you have that special person in your life that uses this time of year to shower you with extra attention. If so have gratitude for their awareness of your value and needs or the fact that they paid attention to the TV commercials and responded.

But many of you don’t have that particular person in your life at this time, so that means it is up to you to make sure you feel special. Make Valentines day your special day, week or maybe even the whole month to show yourself how much you love you. I like to stretch out the celebration for the entire month in the same way I do my birthday month. Telling myself how special I am. Life can exhaust us and we deserve special attention.

If you like flowers, gift yourself with some flowers, get a massage or something that gives you joy.  Make the day special by using it to focus on you, watch a favorite movie, take a bubble bath, a walk in the park, or read that book you’ve been trying to take the time for. You know better than anyone else what makes you happy, give yourself that gift of love. You will truly be surprised at how great it feels to be pampered for a change even if it is a gift you have given to yourself. You might have a moment of guilt the first few times, but get over it and enjoy yourself. You are welcome to use the instructions that Abraham gave me “that you have to take care of you so you can take better care of others”. I had to write in on a card and put it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder because I too forget.

Why not try celebrating “you” at least one weekend a month? We typically have at least 4 of them a month you know. What a concept!     Your health is also important. Is it time to schedule that much needed yearly check up with your doctor? Making sure that you are healthy is your responsibility. Take on this responsibility and make sure you are doing all that you can to take good care of your health needs? As that is also a demonstration of self love.  Think how important your health is, not only to you but also to those that love you and care about you. Take care of your health, as it is a treasured possession. You forget about valuing your physical health and strength until you become ill or injure yourself and you are unable to function in the same way you did before.   For me that realization is always a quick and sometimes painful reminder about my responsibility and having gratitude for my health and to take care of something I value. Whether it is the health of your physical, mental or emotional body or even the health of an important relationship, have gratitude for it, take responsibility for creating what you desire. Celebrate life!!!
  Love and Light   Linda   PS. If you have a testimonial about your work with us or comments about a class, or guidance you received from one of our books, please send it to me. We are updating our website and I would love to add your comments. Sorry I don’t have time to do facebook, but would love to hear about your journey of transition and healing.
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