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The Body Passes, The Spirit Remains

Spirit’s definition of death is the doorway home. It is a time of spiritual celebration and a reward for a life purpose completed. For souls that have reached this part of their journey the experience is full of intense beauty, love and healing. The purpose that the soul has chosen for this lifetime has been completed and the journey home if full of joy. We each have a life purpose that is established long before our birth whether we plan a lifetime that lasts for 5 minutes or 100 years, we play out that plan from our birth to our death in an attempt to accomplish all that we can on both a spiritual level and a human level. Each life is a masterpiece of miracles, and our journey home to the creator is the greatest of all. It does not matter how sudden our death may seem – it is in perfect timing as the creator has full awareness of your soul’s plan. We are spiritually supported throughout our entire existence and your loved ones in spirit have full awareness when it is time for your return home. I often hear those in spirit comment on the celebration of joy and greetings of love they received when they crossed over.

As a channel for the messages of Spirit, I have channeled many different Masters and Archangels. Spirit has also blessed me with the ability to communicate with spirits that have crossed over to the other side. I am Spirit’s tool to bring their wisdom and guidance to humanity. The messages I have been given come from Spirit, Masters, Angels and those is spirit form, but they all say the same thing. The actual journey of crossing over is an amazing experience. Since most of us do not have memory of our previous deaths or have not had the opportunity to have a near-death experience (NDE) we can not truly understand the journey. I have spoken with many people that have had an NDE, and they always comment on how it changed their perspective of life and of death. There is no longer a fear of death.

Our different religions and cultural leaders frequently cause the journey of death to have a mysterious and fearful illusion to it. Some wonder if there a big black hole we just fall into when the physical body dies and that is the end of our existence? Maybe we are held in a suspended state until the biblically predicted judgment day? What happens to your soul when there is no physical body in which to function? Will we be given other bodies to experience other lifetimes? There have always been so many unanswered questions and that is probably why we usually try to avoid thinking about the subject of death.

Through my work with spirits that have crossed over I am pleased to say that I have discovered that death is definitely not the black whole that some of you fear. When your soul was originally created you became a source of energy and it has been proven that energy never dies or ceases to exist it only changes form. Spirit has shared with me that we are co-creators. Each of us chooses the path that our soul’s journey will take. This path will include the miracle of birth and the challenges and lessons of life. Most importantly we are allowed to experience the miracle of death.

This is an amazing journey of returning home to be embraced in the joyful, loving energy of our creator. An opportunity to be blessed with a complete soul rejuvenation and the beginning of a new purpose. Death is Spirit’s reward to us for a lifetime of lessons completed. For those spirits crossing over it truly is a phenomenal experience. The difficult part is for those of us left behind. The indescribable trauma of losing our loved one is described as grief.

One of the greatest mysteries of life is death and some of you actually cringe and shiver uncomfortably at the very mention of the word because it brings such fear to you. Yet Spirit addresses the subject with such joy and compassion. As humans we know so little about death. However, the consequences of death are affecting many of our lives every day. Our society typically makes no preparation for the impact the loss of a loved one will have on our lives. Our typical preparation for this type of loss involves simply praying that it does not touch our lives or the lives of our family. The illness or injury of a loved one will quickly take us to our knees in prayer, begging for their recovery. Often we truly do not understand what will happen to our loved one if they actually cross through the doorway of death. Moreover, what will happen to us when we lose a loved one?

We will all eventually have this experience, but for many of us this experience is quickly becoming reality. For the baby boomer generation, we are getting to a stage in our lives where our physical bodies may be having increased health issues, or a close friend may be facing a terminal illness. Particularly, when we are faced with the death of a friend, we are shocked into the reality that you are not immortal. However, we do not want to dwell on the possibility of it happening to us so we try to hide in a state of denial when we should be waking up to what is our certain destiny. None of us will get out of this life alive.

Some of us have become the caretakers of our aging parents and as their health declines, walking with them to the doorway of death become our responsibility. In my experience this can actually be an amazing time of healing for both of you. Often when I talk with people that have had this opportunity they feel so blessed to have been a part of their parent’s final days, weeks, or months. This is an opportunity for communication and healing between you, if both of you are ready. Although this is not always the case, and do not feel guilty if the situation is too difficult for you to handle. Some of us are not able to do the nurturing part well, but our forte might be handling the functional part of the situation. Different personality types embrace the situation in different ways. Discover where you are comfortable, but know that this is an opportunity for growth. Ignoring the situation is not the answer. Whether it is the loss of a loved one in human form or the loss of a beloved pet, death is an inevitable part of all of our lives. Without preparation the situation will be much more difficult than it has to be. Can Spirit’s knowledge of the dying process totally protect you from the experience? No, but it can assist you tremendously and give you the comfort you are searching for at a time of intense pain and confusion.

This could be the opportunity of great healing and this can be done through communication. Whether you are facing your own death, the loss of a family member, friend or spouse; love and forgiveness are your greatest tools. None of us are perfect and we should not expect perfection from our relationships.

Begin by forgiving yourself for not being all that you could have been in that relationship. You contributed greatly to the energy of the relationship. You chose them as part of your life experience and you were teachers for each other. What an amazing commitment. Their contribution to your life was part of your growth both on the human experience level and on the spiritual commitment level.

Gain a better understanding of their purpose in your life and forgiving them for any disappointments they brought to you. Holding on to your anger and pain will only prolong the stages of grief you will ultimately experience. This pain often prevents us from the connection we desire to have with our loved ones in spirit after they pass.
If you are facing the loss of someone whose love is such a significant part of who you are that you are not sure you can exist without them, hold on. Just as you fear, this loss will change your world, but it does not have to end it. Without help you may very well be thrown onto an emotional roller coaster of grief like you have never experienced before. It is essential that you seek help through grief counseling, your church, and especially friends and family. There is a tremendous adjustment to make in your life without this person, but it can be done and you will survive what may seem to be never ending pain. Experiencing loss is a part of loving and when we love someone so intensely you can expect the pain of grief to be just as intense. One of the most beautiful parts of death is the circle of love. When we love someone so intensely that love does not die with the death of the physical body. It is a part of our soul and the soul never dies so our love never dies.

After the physical death of the body the soul is able to return in spirit form to our loved ones in body and continue to interact with them. Usually this happens almost immediately after the death of our physical body in an effort to assist their loved ones with the grieving process and to be part of their spiritual support system. The initial numbness of grief often makes it difficult to feel their presence with us. Our grief is so intense that our heart may be closed down and they may not be able to feel the energy of their loved one in spirit. It may take time or you may feel them around you instantly. Trusting that they are there with you and giving them permission to interact with you is an important part of the new connection you can have with them. Remember that the circle of love continues for all of us not just a select few. Allow your loved ones in spirit to continue as a part of your life, they miss interaction with you too.

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