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Abraham and Linda’s June 2015 Newsletter

Linda's Message:

Hello Summer, here we come.
My husband Pat and I are just returning home from a very successful trip to the east coast. I want to thank our many friends on the east coast for your support. Every year of working on the east coast just gets bigger and better for us thanks to you and your referrals. I am currently back in

Here I am in my North Carolina beach office
my office in Austin, so if you are needing an in-person appointment or a phone session please contact my amazing assistant Rusty at 512-436-1706 and she will get you scheduled. If you recently requested a session and
we did not get back with you, I apologize and hope you will give us another chance. The past 3 months of travel and work have been intense to say the least.

On a personal note, many of you have been asking about our safety with the recent floods in Texas. I am filled with gratitude that we experienced only minor damage to our home and we are safe. There has been so much loss of life and devastating property damage in our area. I hope you will join me in holding those affected in your prayers.

Here's my husband Pat and our dog Scooter driving our motor home down the road.
So enough about me, Abraham has a lot to share as this month's message is all about you.

It is all about you, it begins with you and it ends with you. How exciting that You have the opportunity to create change in your relationships, your health and your job to better meet your needs and desires.

There is always room for improvement, but you have to make the changes to create the life you want to live. Give yourself the gift of ending the cycle of trying to change others and instead, change who it matters to the most - You.

If you want change in your life be the change. Make your life all that you want it to be. Think positive.

The Group Consciousness of Abraham have continued to present us with divine and powerful guidance through their books, classes and private sessions. It is up us to decide what we want for our life and to embrace the tools we are being provided.

Abraham has announced that they want to present our classes through online offerings. I have the honor of working with their group through teaching some amazing classes, but up to this point sharing this knowledge was limited geographically so I am very excited about this upcoming project. I am exploring the various ways and expertise to make this happen. I am praying about it and setting the intention as I believe in miracles and with my limited expertise this is going to have to be my miracle. Stay tuned for future updates as this project takes shape.

Love and Light


GOD CREATES MIRACLES EVERYDAY. BE ONE OF GOD'S MIRACLES TODAY. If you are new to this newsletter, Thank you for opening your heart and mind to our messages of love. Please note: there is information about Abraham at the bottom of this newsletter.

Abraham's Message

I am Abraham


WE greet you with great joy and honor. Please know that we, along with millions from the angelic realm and those of Spirit are currently celebrating you and your life. Many of you have achieved a greater consciousness of your soul's journey far beyond our expectation. Yes, we had hoped and planned for this time, and we are pleased that you have worked so very hard in this achievement. Your awakening to this greater consciousness is shifting the energy of your planet. With your positive thoughts, emotions and actions your world has changed. You changed it. Yes, there are actions of darkness occurring throughout the world at all times, but your energy supports the light that battles against this darkness. Through your desire for knowledge- knowledge beyond that of a superficial life of no responsibility-the energy of light has been put in motion. You have opened your mind and your heart to a more positive energy, you have awareness of your responsibility and potential and you are reaching out to explore that potential. You are asking for more and your angels are in motion in an effort to fulfill your needs and desires. While this is their job, they have been waiting for you to be ready. The energy is shifting and the limitations are falling away, all because so many of you are now ready through the work that you have done.

It is time to celebrate that you are empowered. Now you are recognizing how powerful you are. You are moving forward with this sense of empowerment in creating the life you desire. WE see you using the tools of healing that WE have provided you, as well as other valuable channeled tools from Spirit. You cannot imagine the realms of angels and masters that are working with you to help you heal your life to the point of manifesting unconditional love. This essential healing transformation is an effort to create self-love and healing of relationships. WE are sure you now realize that true happiness in life is all about LOVE. Whether you have just began your journey or well into your journey of healing you should be celebrating every step, so it is now time to reach around and pat yourself on the back. You may not have someone in your life to recognize your accomplishments and you deserve it, so go ahead and make this gesture. Now give yourself a big hug. Those are powerful too.

Change is not easy. Seldom do people embrace change without a motivating factor of someone or something that forces the situation. Life experiences (no matter how physically or emotionally unhealthy) become habitual, as you frequently find yourself becoming complacent, or sometimes feeling hopeless in a situation. WE hope you now have the awareness that there is always opportunity for change and you have a support system to make these changes happen. WE see many of you stepping into your power and creating the changes needed, no matter how small or big the first step is, just continuing to move forward is important. Maintaining the energy of change will take a focused practice to break the patterns of the past and maintain the kind of self-love this change requires. But WE are encouraging you to maintain this intention. Each effort is significant so celebrate your efforts each day, as you are special. GOD IS LOVE AND YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD.

Remember your purpose:

Each of you came into this lifetime with a purpose and as the Group Consciousness of Abraham, we are often asked about what your specific purpose is. We have tried to share with you that you each have a grand plan for what you desired to accomplish on your soul's journey, but to achieve your full potential you have to first reach a state of awareness. This awareness is all about you and your journey, your past, present and what you want for your future. Have awareness of the energy you are creating each moment of your life. Is that energy filled with positive thoughts and actions or does the negativity creep into your daily life.

You each have a human ego purpose that is designed around your relationships, self-love, ego, and life experiences, all while experiencing the challenges of your soul issues. WOW does this sound like a challenge? It is a challenge but one you are able to overcome all obstacles. And we see so many of you accomplishing this change step by step each day. This is why WE are celebrating so celebrate with us. It is your energy of love and light that is changing the world and changing how those of the world respond to the darkness. You are the light.

Your soul was so determined to evolve to a higher awareness that you created this plan, not to suffer but to experience the greatest of all love. It was your soul's strength that motivated you to come into this lifetime with the hope of accomplishing fulfillment of this grand plan. Your plan involved overcoming the negativity associated with your relationship with self and with others. While in the physical body to explore the opportunity of realizing unconditional love, happiness and forgiveness is a big part of your soul's plan. This may seem quite difficult while experiencing what seems like the darkest of times, but a proven step by step method of healing is what we have offered you and one that so many of you are successfully using. It is the small steps that are creating change and happiness in your life. WE see many of you striving to do this very thing. We celebrate your effort and your life.

Your success of fulfilling your life purpose is celebrated by all, as you are our purpose.

YOU are actually fulfilling your purpose when consciously having awareness of your life each moment of each day. WE see you questioning so many things about your life and WE celebrate this action, as this is what you need to be doing. When you question things in your life, you acknowledge that you have the power to make changes. You have the power to change the things that you feel are unfulfilling to you. It is your life, and your responsibility to determine your future. Nothing will change unless you have awareness of what is not working for you and a hope of what will. WE encourage you to be loving and compassionate to yourself, but most of all to be true.

WE send encouragement to those of you making big changes with your relationships or your job and your life to better meet your needs. But our greatest encouragement goes to those just starting the journey of change, as we understand the fear of those first few steps but WE rejoice with the feeling of accomplishment you will experience.

We have great appreciation that you have opened your heart and mind to our messages of guidance. Spirit desires that you continually seek your truth as that truth will change as your awareness evolves. There is no need for judgment of yourself or your neighbor just because your truths differ. You are each on a different journey of life experiences.

Just know that you are loved.

WE are Abraham

WE thank you for being a part of our spiritual family, however if you would like to unsubscribe to this newsletter simply go to the bottom of this newsletter and click on the "unsubscribe" link.

Upcoming Events
We are already into a very busy year offering classes, expos and private sessions. I hope you will take advantage of all that the Abraham group offerings as I know how life changing their guidance can be.

Sometimes my prayer is "God give me the strength and courage to endure the blessings I have been given". I think some of you may understand my prayer, as your life is just as full.

Our schedule is ever changing, but at this time we are currently planning a trip to the Phoenix, AZ area the first week in Sept. So if this is your area, please contact me to schedule your session time. I would be interested in teaching one of Abraham's classes while in the area, possibly Sept 5th or 6th. But this is only possible if we get enough interest. Please let me know what your needs or interests would be.

Also, If you would be interested in hosting me with a location in which to present our class, please let me know.
2015 Summer Schedule

Sept. 1st-7th - Phoenix Az. area - Private sessions available by appt. - to schedule contact Linda through her website

More dates to be posted soon.
Linda and Abraham's First Book
"Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" offers a better understanding of life, death and the many stages of grief we experience when we lose a loved one. Linda offers insights to assist us in healing the emotions of grief that can sabotage and cripple our lives if we do not understand them.

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"Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" is available at all major books stores or from Linda's website A kindle version is available through

Linda and Abraham's New Book
"The Secret Pathway To Healing" is available through Linda's website, Amazon or you can download a Kindle version.
You can go to Linda's website for more information on this book. It is full of Abraham's guidance for creating the life of happiness, love and success that you desire. Abraham explains the challenges of life's issues in a detailed way, allowing you to identify what may be sabotaging your life. They also gives you tools and guidance to make the necessary changes to achieve what you desire for your life
Secret Pathways Cover
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Who is Abraham:

Every month I have new readers join our newsletter list. I was reminded that not everyone is familiar with the Abraham Group that I work with. I apologize for neglecting to share this important information with you.

Abraham is a group consciousness of high vibrational spiritual beings. That is a long title for a group of beings that work for God. Their purpose is to bring humanity the wisdom and guidance of God for the advancement of our soul's journey. They do not function with ego but much of their work is done though human channels. They have chosen multiple people to work through in delivering their messages. Although Abraham works with many channels, their most well known channel is Esther Hicks. She has been channeling their messages and writing books with them for over 30 years.

Their messages can be both individual or global depending on the situation. Each channel gives the same message yet often in a slightly different way due to our personality. You each receive knowledge differently, and often need to hear it multiple time before applying to to your life. The Abraham group focus on positive intent and empowerment for our lives.

Spirit presented this group to me as my teachers about 11 years ago when my awareness of my spiritual journey began. During this time, they have continually assisted me with my own spiritual development, as well as our work in helping others heal their lives. They have channeled their guidance through the books we have written and the workshops we teach.

They bring us hope and knowledge of the soul's journey through life, into death and the world beyond. You can go to my website to read more about my journey with Abraham and Spirit.

We all need spiritual support. Whether that support comes through personal interaction with like-minded groups and classes or the stimulation of your mind and heart through the knowledge shared in spiritually based books, it is important to continually nurture your spiritual self.

The spirit within you craves acknowledgment and care taking of it's needs for the advancement of your soul's journey. An expanded spiritual experience holds you in the light and love of God, enabling you to give and receive love of both self and others beyond any current limitations.

Please share our newsletter with your friends. It is easy - just have them register today through Linda's website or hit "forward" at the bottom of this page and you can send it to them.

If you have any questions just Email me at [email protected] or visit my website at

Love and Light

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