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Hunting for Treasures

Who am I? Where am I going with my life and what do I want to be when I grow up? At some point in our lives we all stop to ask ourselves these questions. Through our daily struggles to just keep up with life we have to know or feel that there is more to life than just survival. Whether you are sitting in traffic on the way home from a long exhausting day at work or preparing supper for your family, you find your self thinking “What is my purpose in life?” We have the need to know that there is some purpose to all that we are experiencing. It is through the direction of Abraham that I found my purpose. I will share with you Abraham’s message of empowerment.

As an intuitive life path healer these are the typical questions that people come to us with. I say “us” as the guidance that I share comes from Spirit and the group consciousness of Abraham. I am their channel. People want help in figuring out their lives, the challenges they have encountered and the negative patterns they can’t seem to break. When Spirit awakened me to the spiritual purpose of my life I was amazed to discover that my purpose was to help others find their life purpose. This is the work that I have been doing for the past 9 years with the assistance of Spirit and Abraham. I will share with you some of the knowledge that has been shared with me through Spirit, the Masters and the group consciousness of Abraham. When I was first awakened to become a healer and channel I was introduced to a voice and energy that referred to themselves as Spirit. Spirit is the consciousness of God, the Angelic realm and the Masters, all of which do God’s work within our lives.

Spirit then introduced me to Abraham who would become my teacher. I was new to this spiritual world that extended far beyond the background of my religious beliefs and I needed a lot of answers. Abraham has turned out to be an amazing teacher for me and for so many others. Abraham is a group consciousness of highly evolved beings and their soul purpose is to give guidance and support to humanity. All of the knowledge that I share with you comes from Spirit or Abraham. When I refer to God I may use the term “he” but it is not a gender reference as God is not he or she but all things. God is a mother/father God of unconditional love. God created our souls and our physical bodies to give us the opportunity to experience our chosen issues. God created us and then empowered us with the opportunity to be co-creators with him throughout our soul’s journey.

These are the teachings of both Spirit and Abraham:
Your soul’s journey is made up of many lifetimes through which your soul strives to evolve to a higher consciousness. You choose the issues you want to experience in each of your lifetimes and the people you want to experience those issues with. The soul chooses from a group of issues as part of your life purpose. Those issues are trust, abandonment, abuse, judgment, control, responsibility, and love. You choose one or more issues to experience in each lifetime and you then attach minor issues to correspond to the challenges of the major issues. Your challenge is to experience and overcome the negative aspects of the issue.

God understood the challenges you would experience as you began to play out your issues and this is part of your intended growth. Groups of souls are connected and interwoven as they assist each other in the adventures of life. Your group of souls will travel with you through hundreds maybe even thousands of lifetimes. You are committed to helping each other learn about your issues and grow as you overcome the negative aspects of your issues. You will do the same for others in this group as that is part of the agreement. Through your experiences with those in your soul group karma is naturally created. It is then your responsibility to work on healing the karma whether the healing occurs in the same lifetime or in subsequent lifetimes. Karma is a big part of the issue work that you will be doing. Our chosen issues become your life purpose and your work of fulfilling your life purpose begins with your family of origin and extends out to all of your relationships. The experiences of each lifetime will be focused on the issues you chose for that lifetime. These issues will naturally create challenges for you and the more you understand about your chosen issues and how they are affecting your life the more control you have over the outcome. You can allow your issues to control you or through the knowledge of those issues you can control your life.
I travel the world channeling Abraham’s knowledge and guidance through private sessions, seminars and books. This is Abraham’s purpose and they love sharing their wisdom with you. When I asked Abraham what they would like to share in this article they exclaimed “Empowerment”!

The Treasure of Empowerment and Finding it Within You

Abraham’s message for humanity: I am Abraham and I greet you with love. God created humanity as the most powerful living thing on earth but few of you understand just how powerful you are. You may have given your power away at a very young age before you understood the importance of it or you may have given it away as an act of survival, and it is now time to take it back. You each have the power to create the life that you desire. We desire to reveal to you the power that you each hold and how to use it wisely. This is a God-given empowerment that was instilled within each of you to help you accomplish your life purpose. This power is part of the tools God gave to you to overcome the challenges of your life. It is important that you understand that you are a part of God, the most powerful being in the universe and beyond. Look around you, He can create anything he desires and so can you. Before you were born you designed a specific plan for your life with many choices to be made along the way. Your soul chose the challenges of this life because you believed that you were strong enough to endure and overcome anything life could throw at you. God believed in you and your ambition as you were planning out the challenges and lesson of your life. He understood that these challenges were important to the advancement of your soul’s journey and that they would enable you to evolve to a higher spiritual level. Your soul had full awareness of it’s purpose before entering into this lifetime and your higher-self has not forgotten your purpose. God has not punished you by giving you these challenges, he is the strength within each of you to accomplish what you have chosen. God did not send you to this planet and this existence without an incredible support system. He created angels for each of you that would be your constant companions. These are your personal angels with the purpose of protecting, healing and nurturing you. They are the fingers of God at work within your life. He also gave you individual spirit guides as part of your support system to assist you in accomplishing all that you desire by giving you knowledge and direction for your life. They will never criticize you as their messages are only supportive. Unfortunately for many of you, your human consciousness has forgotten about this support system that God gave you as part of the tools for your life. Your angels and spirit guides are often struggling to work within your life. You could make it much easier for them to do their work and for your own success, if you would learn to let them into your life and embrace all that they have to offer.

Many of you were taught in your religious background to pray for others but it is also important to pray for yourselves by asking God for your own healing and direction. Through your prayers you can connect with your own spiritual support group. Talk with them directly, they hear your every thought and word. This is you giving them permission to step up their work within your life. They have always been there working but not as powerful as they could have been if you were working together for your highest good. They love the acknowledgement and you will greatly benefit from your connection with them. Don’t worry about names they are not necessary as these guides are as much a part of you as your arm or leg. They do desire that you work together with them as a team, setting your intent and allowing them to assist you in fulfilling your purpose. You hear their direction now but you often fail to listen to their direction or you argue within your mind if you do not like their suggestion. This is typical of the human race. As you work closer with them you will eventually gain clarity with their messages. At that point a state of harmony is attained and the energies of your life will flow with the least amount of resistance.

A stronger connection with your spirit guides can often be attained through meditation. Prayer is necessary in your lives as this is where you verbally express your needs and desires but if you are doing all of the talking you do not receiving the messages of assistance and answers to your questions, This is attained through meditation when your life and mind is suspended in a quite state of receiving.

If you can learn to open your hearts to ask for help from God and your spiritual support system, you can learn to open your hearts to receive all that you deserve. The lesson of receiving is often much harder to achieve than the lesson of asking. When many of you gave away your power you established the belief that you are not worthy of receiving blessings in your life. Whether it is love, money or success there may be a subconscious fear or belief that you do not deserve it. This is where fear is able to take away your power. Through gaining a better understanding of the fear, you can overcome that fear and take back your power.

Begin by taking the fear all apart, when was the fear first established, what belief system is the fear founded upon, who established this belief system within you and finally, how can you overcome it. You may find that there are multiple fears. Deal with them one at a time. These are all tools of knowledge that you hold within you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, some of you may need a therapist or a friend to assist you and keep you from becoming discouraged in the beginning but you can do this. This is part of taking back your power and taking that first step is the most important part. If you do not start somewhere it will never happen and your life will continue as it is. If that is what you desire there are lesson within that experience also, the growth just progresses at a slower rate. This is the path that many of you have taken in the past and this is why you may be continuing to experience the same issues after so many lifetimes.

God’s strength is always within you but some of you gave away your power so long ago that you have forgotten what it feels like to stand in your own power and it may scare you. All you recognize is who you are today and many of you can not comprehend all that you could be if you stood in your power and believed in yourself as God believes in you. You initially chose those issues because you felt you were strong enough to overcome the challenges and become a better person through the experience. You believed in your strength and blessings those individuals that have helped you experience your issues but it is now time for their lessons too. They each chose issues to experience and you have been helping them experience those issues, now is your opportunity and this is the knowledge to help each of you move forward with your lives. It is time to step out of the established comfort zone of what you have known in the past to experience growth. You do not have to turn everyone’s life upside down to begin this process. You can start with small steps to make changes in your life as you begin to take back your power. You will soon begin feeling more comfortable with your newfound strength and vision for the future. Happiness and fulfillment of your life purpose is your choice.
Now it is all about you! This is your life and finding your life purpose can be quite an adventure. Finding your life purpose is seldom as difficult as you may expect, as many of the lessons you have learned and lessons you have taught others are an important part of your life purpose.

You do not have to be a famous person in the history of humanity to affect humanity in a big way. Once Linda was talking with a woman and the woman was distraught because she had not found her life purpose and she was afraid she was running out of time to accomplish this great purpose. She explained to us that she had gone to college to get her masters in political science. She always felt that her destiny was to change the state of the world. After college her life took a sharp turn as she had fallen in love and put her goals on hold to have a family. She was anxious to get back to her destiny of saving the world but her three small children were her priority at this time. She wanted to know why she had always had a knowing about the importance of her destiny but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Her spirit guides began to explain to us that she was already taking some huge steps to changing the world by teaching her three children a different philosophy. She would shape the lives of these children in a way that they would have the confidence and power to help her in her future efforts to change the world. These children would help to create a world of peace. It is the ripple effect of how her love, support and teaching of each of her children will go out to everyone that they touch in a positive way. The job of parenthood is so powerful, far beyond what we might initially see. Some of you are currently out in the world standing in your power, working to fulfill your purpose to release the fear of change that grips humanity. Your efforts are working to change the world at this time. While some of you are working behind the scenes as parents to better prepare humanity for the challenges of the future. Bless your hearts, some of you are frantically juggling life while trying to accomplish both.

The raising of awareness in your world is essential in the difficult times humanity is facing. Know the power within you and be all that you desire. Empowerment is the treasure within you but it is up to you to dig for it.

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