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Linda Announces Zoom On-Line Gatherings

Abraham presents “A Circle of Love and The Journey of Enlightenment” through Zoom on-line gatherings.


As the Group Consciousness of Abraham, WE invite you to join us for a gathering to learn and enhance your life experience.

WE desire to gather those of spiritual like mind.  Join us for our messages of guidance, as WE will be channeling through Linda Drake, presenting spiritual guidance, individual and global empowerment and instruction in connecting from a place of Love and Light. It is OUR intention to go many different directions with our guidance, as you and your fellow participants will be allowed to request the topics, asking questions and sharing in a common experience 

At this time in many of your lives, you may currently be in some form of physical separation or perhaps you’re feeling a strong fear of the unknown. WE have observed many of you struggling with this separation, this division and WE understand this is causing you to suffer whether physically, mentally or emotionally, or your emotions may be manifesting in depression and anxiety 

Humanity is created of one energy, God. You are all a part of that one divine energy. You thrive when connected to that energy of oneness. This is the energy of Light. It is a difficult time for many, because at this point in your heart, you know there is more to enlightenment in life and you feel that you are ready for it. Then all of this confusion ensued. You may be experiencing a frustration with something you cannot control. There is hope. You are in need of Enlightenment, the ability to look at life from many different perspectives, without judgment, but with a sense of hope and excitement for more information and a greater understanding of the spiritual journey for you and your fellow travelers. WE wish to provide that for you and WE want to reach as many of you as possible through these gatherings. During this time, WE know the opportunities to meet with Linda Drake are limited, so it is OUR intention to bring more of you together to share in an empowered, yet intimate setting.

During this time of transition, you will be presented with an opportunity to work together in pursuit of strength, support and love for each other. WE hope to provide you with a sense of support, connection and empowerment, as WE guide you through this amazing journey of Enlightenment.

From Linda: “I hope you will join us for our weekly gatherings”

“A Circle of Love and The Journey of Enlightenment”

Abraham and Linda’s on-line zoom classes. $29.95 a month subscription. We are offering a free 30 day trial before your payments begin. The classes will begin November 25th, 2020. 

Join us on Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30 pm central time 30 minutes of Abraham sharing, then 30 minutes for participants questions.

Participants will be accessing Zoom through an automatic, prepaid, monthly subscription code with directions, sent to you each week.

Click Here To Subscribe

Your subscription will allow you access to real-time “Zoom” class attendance or you may stream the weekly classes at your convenience.  Instructions will be provided to access the session in this way.

**You may cancel your subscription at any time.**


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