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Abraham and Linda’s January 2016 Newsletter

Linda's Message

Happy New Year!!! It was an amazing year for us with ups and downs and tumbles, but it ended with me standing on my feet, so I'm patting myself on the back as I declare myself a survivor. How about you?

I am so very blessed to have people like you in my life. My work can be exhausting, joyful, sad, healing, prayerful, filled with miracles, laughter and surprises and that is all before noon on some days, but I love every minute of it. You support my crazy life with your energy, your prayers, your appreciation and your love. You laugh with me, at me and for me, what better friends can anyone have? Spirit taught me how to heal myself and create the life I desire, which I have done and continue to do, but you give my life a spiritual purpose. Thank you.

I always trust that God brings each person to me when the time is right for his or her journey of healing. And God works through you in passing on the message to those you care about. I have such gratitude that you have chosen to work with me in healing the world, as my business is built through your trust and referrals.

I had a very full year of work with the Abraham group. I had the opportunity to reunite with existing clients/friends and make new friends as I traveled from coast to coast with our work and teaching. I am always thankful to get back to my hometown peeps and my work in Austin. I have the most wonderful job in the world and I admit it, healing is my addiction.

The journey of enlightenment and healing is breathtaking, as it presents one adventure after another. There are no limits to the opportunities of healing for you and how they can change your life. We are blessed to welcome in another year, enabling us to do the best we can in healing our spiritual journey though the human experience. That healing is our spirit's commitment to God. My conversations with the Abraham group are often quite interesting, at least for me. I would like to share one of them. In one of our talks Abraham reminded me, "Be the most powerful Child of God you can be each day, each moment, and remember your brother's example."

What??? I had to sit and think about that statement. I then started wondering, had he met my brothers? Which one could he possibly be talking about? I thought they were a bigger mess than me....maybe not, and then to my relief he continued. "No matter what an individual's religious beliefs are, Jesus came as the Son of God with the purpose of teaching humanity about love and forgiveness. With God's hope of his example and teachings changing the consciousness of humanity. He came into the human experience, just as you are experiencing, and in fulfilling his purpose became the energy of Christ. In the short time he walked among you, look at the impact Jesus Christ had on the way people see each other...see life. There are many lessons to learn from his example.

You, as a Child of God, can also be powerful by your example. Over time God has sent humanity many other teachers to learn from. God saw that different teachers for different cultures, religions and beliefs were necessary to reach the world and God has provided them. Yet the most powerful teachers are sent to teach about love. It is necessary that you each seek your own pathway to truth and enlightenment. This where you will find fulfillment of your purpose as each soul in a physical body is a Child of God."

Wow, I sat in amazement. I began scrambling to write down the message as it had been given, at times asking Abraham to repeat what he had told me. I knew the importance of others hearing this message.

I thank Abraham for guiding all of my messages. It is a tremendous honor. I may not be the best writer or teacher but I choose to listen to Spirit and Abraham's messages and share them. I have the courage to continually work at healing my life and to help you heal yours through their messages.

I am pleased to see that you survived 2015, so congratulations are well deserved. It was definitely a year of changes for most of us. Change is inevitable, but the energy of this past year definitely presented us with enhanced opportunities for change. Even if the action was not taken, seeds of awareness were planted and the choice of action is to follow. Changes are typically created through a challenge and we are forced to react or adjustment to a different situation. The change may or may not have been your idea or due to your action, but you were left to respond to the situation.

I have found that in situations like these multiple issues were probably challenging the situation, building pressure to reveal the dysfunction. Change is the opportunity to face the unhealthy aspects of your life and take back your power. The powerful part of change is that you are in control of how you respond, whether you realize it or not. This is how you create the life you are living. It is your responsibility to create a healthier life if you want it. When you are healthy in your emotional, mental and physical state you are better equipped to make positive decisions following the change. Those aspects are your responsibility.

Did you end a relationship?
Did you start a new relationship?
Did you change jobs?
Did you face health challenges?
Did you lose a loved one?
Did you welcome a new life?
Did you change negative patterns to develop the new you?
Did you start your journey of awareness and healing?
Life is full of changes. How do you want to use opportunities of change to achieve a more fulfilled, happy, successful life?

Every moment is an opportunity to create a more fulfilled life. What will you do with the opportunities that 2015 presented you? How will 2016 be different for you?

The opportunity to heal the past and create an empowered future is yours. Make the most of your life experiences. You were meant to learn from those hard times. If you don't learn from them the 1st or 2nd time that this experience is presented to you, it is because you are probably caught in a negative cycle of energy. If nothing changes, a similar situation will be presented to you again, and again as you are attracting it for a purpose. This is your lesson, what have you learned about and healed from the past?

God is loving and patient. You chose the challenges and issues you wanted to learn about in this lifetime. He is your loving support system, never wavering and He understands life's challenges and in his compassion understands how you are feeling. He will give you as many opportunities (or lifetimes) to learn and grow from as needed. He doesn't give up on you when you choose to be stubborn. This is how the soul evolves to a greater awareness of love. How are you consciously learning and growing? Growth evolves through challenge and so it is our challenges that provide us with the greatest opportunity for success. We learn to create the life we desire through awareness of our selves, our needs and our life purpose. We have to start with self love. Loving our selves in the same way God loves us...unconditionally.

I wish I could say I've always had this wisdom, it is not mine it is Abraham's and like you I've had to learn. (and I am still learning) With me God just felt that I needed some extra help, as I think am his needy child. So he sent some of the best teachers for me to learn from. They have taught me that my purpose is to learn, teach and be the example. I try, but some days are a big challenge for me too. Hopefully if we all pull together as an energy of love, intention and strength we can change the world. Goals, goals, goals I love them!!!

Love and Light
Linda Drake

Life is an amazing journey of transformation, full of endless opportunities to embrace your true power and potential as human beings - and you always have a choice.

Abraham's Message

Read More About Abraham

I am Abraham,

Greetings for the New Year.

We have tremendous gratitude that you continue to follow our teachings. There is talk among the Masters of the increased spiritual enlightenment that is occurring and WE are sure that this is related to you. This year we hope to continue focusing our teaching on healing the soul's journey, but with more accessibility.

We have kept Linda so busy with her healing work and teaching for us that she has not had the available time to write our newsletters. WE hope to present her with a more balanced schedule this year, because it is essential to us that you are provided with the knowledge and tools to welcome the changes that so many of you are experiencing. And to be prepared and confident in creating the future you desire.

This preparation for a changing life is provided through your own healing work. Starting with the healing of your inner child, gaining a love of self and confidence to be who you want to be. When you find the harmony of your spiritual connection and journey you will feel the sense of completeness that you are seeking. Others do not complete you, with the light of God you are complete. The light of God is always within you, but with life's challenges you may doubt or forget that at times. Endeavoring to hold on to this belief in the most difficult of times is essential.

WE will start this series by teaching about each of the issues you could have chosen for this lifetime and how they could be sabotaging your life. WE hope to use this forum to address your everyday challenges. WE want you to have hope as the healing you seek is available to you through our guidance and the process of healing we teach. We have presented our guidance through our books, classes and through Linda's personal sessions.

WE are not the only messengers of the Light. God has provided many beneficial tools of healing through other enlightened teachers, we just hope that you will find the method that works best for you.

If you have already completed your issue work and relationship healing you understand the value of this work in transforming your life. WE appreciate your dedication to creating a more fulfilled, healthier and empowered life. WE ask that you allow your example to be a shining light for others.

WE hope you will join us this year for more exciting news about the availability of our on-line classes.

WE are Abraham


We will be working in the Austin area in the production of our on-line classes. Until we get this project up and running our travels and events will be limited. Abraham sees this as a priority because it is all about you and your journey of healing.

Linda will be offering sessions through her Austin office. To schedule either a phone session or to meet in a one-on-one setting, please contact her assistant, Rusty, at (512) 436-1706 or: E-mail Rusty

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Recommended Books and Noteworthy organizations that I highly recommend:

Deb W. Child's two new books: Spirit in the Doorway and Last Promise: Losing my Heart and Finding my Soul.
I hope you will check out both of her books. She is an amazing writer and her books opened a window to the journey of love and loss that will truly touch your heart. I had the privilege of being part of Deb's journey and was thrilled when she decided to write about her experience in an effort to help others with their grief. I appreciate books that give us a better understanding of death and recovery through a real experience. Deb's message of healing for a loved one left behind is priceless. Her books give us a strong sense of hope in the midst of loss.
Indigo Children
You may be remember that I have a strong commitment to the support of our Indigo Children and Autistic children (sometimes the same). I highly recommend Arnette Lamoreaux's books on the Indigo children and her GoIndigo foundation. Her website is to purchase her books or to give you a better understanding her foundations efforts and goals to meet the needs of our Indigo and Autistic children. This is such an amazing foundation and they are needing your awareness and help in the funding and support to make this happen. You may also find this to be an important part of your life purpose as I do.

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Love and Light

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