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Abraham and Linda’s Nov 2014 Newsletter

Linda's Message

Just like many of you I sometimes question my purpose and my spiritual path. So I was relieved and comforted by Abraham's message this month. My heart is broken when I see people struggling and in pain. I question why this has to happen and I am always told that I must trust that there is purpose to every experience. Just as there was a purpose to the severity of the initial illness that began my journey with Spirit. I have gratitude when I see how God has used that illness to transform my life. Everyday God is using me in channeling messages of spiritual guidance for your life and the fulfillment of my spiritual purpose.

Even with our current situations of illness and the darkness of Isis's actions against humanity we are responsible for holding the light against the darkness. Going into fear feeds the darkness and activates negativity. Spirit reassures me that even these situation are of purpose.

The illness of Ebola must be suppressed even if we must take the battle to the initial area of outbreak. This situation definitely needs our attention. The spread of the Ebola illness into our country was meant to get our attention. I am hoping that it has achieved this and we will respond in the appropriate way. Not in fear but in the purposeful action of addressing the problem in the country that is suffering the most. When one of us suffer we all suffer, as we are all part of the whole. We have to contain and extinguish the illness thus diminishing the darkness of fear that can overpower us if we allow it.

The holiday are quickly approaching and we will be soon be sending out Abraham's guide to successfully maneuvering through the holidays follow the loss of a loved on. Life is a continual rotation of change and loss and our family traditions may unfortunately be disrupted or changed by the loss of a relationship, death or divorce. Although we can not take away the pain we hope to provide some suggestions that will comfort you during this time.

I hope you and your family have a safe and blessed Holiday.

Love and Light

Abraham's Message

Life is an amazing journey of transformation, full of endless opportunities to embrace your true power and potential as human beings - and you always have a choice.

I am Abraham

WE have observed many of you struggling with your faith, and questioning your spiritual journey. External and internal struggle will frequently promote this type of questioning and sometimes loss of faith in your life choices. The energy of darkness that humanity is currently experiencing is definitely creating a struggle for many of you or at least you may be perceiving aspects of your life as struggle.

WE see this as a force creating opportunities for change or improvement. We ask that you do not feel guilt or judgment in questioning you life or faith in this way. Although the emotions of doubt and fear are created by the darkness to distract you from your true purpose, this can actually be a very positive time spent in pursuit of your truth. To question what is your current truth, as your truth changes as your awareness evolves.

It is easy to follow a path that every one else is mindlessly following in masses. On that journey there is no need to question your path as everyone is expected to follow the same path, with the same beliefs and this may be fine for some. No questions asked or options explored and at times no enhanced fulfillment to the journey.

There was a critical point in your life that your spirit told you that you needed more and it was then that you started your initial search for your truth. Not the truth that others were satisfied with, but a belief that aligned with the vibration of your soul. A belief that fed and nurtured the yearning of your soul for more. This belief was something that you recognized deep within your soul and your consciousness was then remembering your need for it. You sought that truth until you found it. You explored the many aspects of it and found what was appropriate for you at the time. It may have been a path of more resistance and judgment but you intuitively knew it was your purpose.

Maybe it is time that you again begin exploring again. There are many books, classes and teachers to further enlighten your journey, as no matter where you are at on your journey, God wants you to ask questions and continue to grow, seeking to your further your potential. You soul's potential is only achieved through seeking knowledge and finding your truth. This may be why you are questioning your purpose at this time. You either need to reconfirm and strengthen your beliefs or you may be ready for another advancement of your purpose, a path of more challenge, yet greater fulfillment.

Use the darkness against itself by questioning life

  • Why are you on this path?
  • How does this path serve you?
  • Where do you want it to take you?
  • What do you want from life?
  • What is your potential?
  • Are you limiting your awareness due to fear of judgment?
  • What are you here to learn?
  • What are you here to heal?

These are all good questions, but there are always more with deeper pursuit of spirituality and what it means to you. Do not scrutinize with judgment, but with the awareness that you are a Child of God, in the perfection of God and all that you experience is with purpose.

You have control and responsibility for what you are creating within you life. If you do not take responsibility for your life, someone else will and you may not enjoy the journey.

Although you may be exhausted and discouraged with your life at times, there are souls on the other side quite anxious to have the opportunity to advance their soul's journey by the very same life experiences that you are having. The major challenges of life are what you learn from and are the best opportunity for the advancement of the soul's greater awareness.

In a recent talk we were asked "If there is unconditional love in God's home why would we chose to come here to learn about love"

Our answer is: Earth, humanity's classroom and God's most purposeful planet, is the only realm in which the soul is challenged to learn all of the aspects of love. Remember God is unconditional love and this love is devoted to all of his/her souls. Through your experiences in physical body you are best able to explore the many different aspects of love.

It is through your relationships that these characteristics of love are best learned. For example it is necessary to feel the loss of love to truly realize the value of love. To love in the face of judgment and pain is a challenge but a valuable lesson to experience. It is necessary to experience the many different sides of love to fully understand both the complexity and simplicity love. Learning to both give love and receive love is an essential balance.

The next question was "Once we die and arrive home/heaven why would we want to return to experience the struggle of life here through another lifetime?

There are many different vibrational levels in God's home. These levels are not based on judgment, as humanity would see it. Your soul's vibrational level must align to the energy of the level that you reside on. The soul vibrational level is achieved thru the advancement of the soul's awareness and demonstration of love and compassion within the human experience.

At the closure of each lifetime the advancement of the soul is determined and hopefully your vibration has evolved and you are positioned on a new level within God's home. Be assured that God's Unconditional Love is experienced on every level and as you evolve to a higher level the intensity of the love that you experience is increased. This advancement progresses until the vibration of your soul is equal to that of God's. This is the vibrational level that the Masters exist on. Even at this level these souls have so much love and compassion for God's other souls that they continue to leave the presence of God for the support of your journey. All of these Masters are available in the assistance of your soul's advancement and awareness.

Your higher-self/soul has awareness of this plan. This is why it chooses issues to experience with such ambition and determination. The higher-self wants more and knows of it's worthiness to be loved in this way. It is your human ego and consciousness that struggles with this knowingness but that is part of the journey.

You are God's miracle, act accordingly,

WE are Abraham.

2015 Fall Schedule
Spirit and Abraham are working on our schedule for 2015 so please stay tuned as we will be updating soon.

Linda is back in Austin and taking appointments. To schedule either a phone session or to meet in a one-on-one setting, please contact her assistant, Rusty, at (512) 436-1706 or: E-mail Rusty

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Who is Abraham:

Every month I have new readers join our newsletter list. I was reminded that not everyone is familiar with the Abraham Group that I work with. I apologize for neglecting to share this important information with you.

Abraham is a group consciousness of high vibrational spiritual beings. That is a long title for a group of beings that work for God. Their purpose is to bring humanity the wisdom and guidance of God for the advancement of our soul's journey. They do not function with ego but much of their work is done though human channels. They have chosen multiple people to work through in delivering their messages. Although Abraham works with many channels, their most well known channel is Esther Hicks. She has been channeling their messages and writing books with them for over 30 years.

Their messages can be both individual or global depending on the situation. Each channel gives the same message yet often in a slightly different way due to our personality. You each receive knowledge differently, and often need to hear it multiple time before applying to to your life. The Abraham group focus on positive intent and empowerment for our lives.

Spirit presented this group to me as my teachers about 11 years ago when my awareness of my spiritual journey began. During this time, they have continually assisted me with my own spiritual development, as well as our work in helping others heal their lives. They have channeled their guidance through the books we have written and the workshops we teach.

They bring us hope and knowledge of the soul's journey through life, into death and the world beyond. You can go to my website to read more about my journey with Abraham and Spirit.

We all need spiritual support. Whether that support comes through personal interaction with like-minded groups and classes or the stimulation of your mind and heart through the knowledge shared in spiritually based books, it is important to continually nurture your spiritual self.

The spirit within you craves acknowledgment and care taking of it's needs for the advancement of your soul's journey. An expanded spiritual experience holds you in the light and love of God, enabling you to give and receive love of both self and others beyond any current limitations.

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If you have any questions please e-mail me (E-mail Linda), or visit my website at

Love and Light

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