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Abraham and Linda’s April 2014 Newsletter

Linda's Message

I am so taken by Abraham's message for this newsletter. I feel that anything I have to share can not possibly compare in importance. I always feel that they are talking directly to me because their messages are so timely and direct. Although through my sessions with you I realize that some of you struggle with the same challenges that I do. So I will share and allow you to be blessed just as I am.

I hope you enjoy the benefit of Abraham and Spirit's guidance. I always feel so blessed by their presence in my life and feel as they are my best friends. You know, the ones that know every thing about you, and in spite of that knowledge still like you and that feel they can tell you anything. And no matter how it sounds you trust that it is coming from a place of love. They are often very direct in calling me on my issues, but my life truly is so much better because of their wisdom and guidance.

I hope you are taking the time to bask in the beauty of the Springtime weather. A perfect time to focus on new beginnings, new goals and new outcomes.

I also want to thank you for your continued love and support. My work is only possible due to your support and referrals. Only in God's eyes am I perfect, so please do not put me on a pedestal or I am sure that I eventually will fall off, as I am quite clumsy. If I have failed you in any way, please know that it is not intentional. If I have neglected to return a call or fulfill a request please let me know and I will do what I can to rectify the problem. I travel extensively and can become absorbed in and easily overwhelmed with my work.

Love and Light


Recommended reading:

I recently read the most amazing book on
Indigo Souls and I am highly recommending it. As many of you know I do a lot of work with Indigo Children, "the gifted ones" and Spirit has taught me about their importance for our world. Arnette Lamoreaux, from Austin Texas has written a wonderful book that is going to transform the journey of the Indigo child and their family. It is now available to everyone through
Amazon. And I was just given a preview of her next book
"Indigo Scout: Come closer your purpose is calling" which will be available this Spring.

The title is "The Indigo Soul, a child's journey to purpose." If you know of someone, adult, adolescent or child that is gifted or that you feel is uniquely different than the norm, you definitely need to read this book. This person may be an Indigo Soul. Spirit has taught me that our Indigo Children are the future of this world, we need to understand them better and learn how to better support their journey. Arnette has also started a blog for the family of Indigo souls to connect through. You can contact her at [email protected]. Her new and exciting website will be up soon.

I continue to do private sessions both in-person and over the phone as my schedule allows, although I am often 6-8 weeks out on availability. You can contact me through my website to schedule. If you have contacted me in the past and I did not respond please forgive my busy schedule and try again.

If you would be interested in helping us put together a workshop in your area, please contact me about that also. We do listen to your needs.

GOD CREATES MIRACLES EVERYDAY. BE ONE OF GOD'S MIRACLE TODAY. If you are new to this newsletter, Thank you for opening your heart and mind to our messages of love. Please note: there is information about Abraham at the bottom of this newsletter.

Abraham's Message

I am Abraham

We feel the need to honor and congratulate those of you that have been working so hard in the healing of your life. The elevation of your life from darkness and dis-ease is a great accomplishment. You sat the intention for this success and have been diligently working toward your goals. We realize that it is not an easy journey but a very fulfilling one with the ultimate experience of self love and unending joy. The journey is full of experiences to learn from and holds an opportunity of spiritual growth beyond anything you ever imagined. You are powerful far beyond your imagination. Keep on working to achieve your goals, as your light is the example for others.

"Plan A" versus "Plan B". So many of you are disappointed or discouraged at how you see your life at this time. You may be filled with disappointment and a sense of failure about some aspect of your life. That is all about negative perception and unjustified judgment. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time, based on what you are creating. Your awareness and efforts determine your advancement and the accomplishments of your plan. Many of you feel an unhappiness and disappointment that your life has not turned out as you expected or wanted it to. Your "Plan A" was based on society or the ego's belief of how life should be, often not aligned with the soul's purpose and journey of your life. You did not have awareness of "Plan B" so you needed the "Plan A" as motivation and a sense of purpose. You would naturally be hopeful in setting life goals to strive for, with the human ego consciousness and experiences determining what you would like to achieve in life or felt was possible.

The achievement of those goals may certainly be possible and of your purpose, but not without the life lessons your higher-self/soul chose to learn from. The plan created by your higher-self/soul before this physical incarnation is truly your life plan and we refer to it as Plan "B" the Best plan for the soul's evolution to a higher vibration and grander plan.

**Please note that God does not ever view you with negative judgment. God only has love and hope for the success of your soul's goals for each lifetime. God has only pride in your bravery to endure your life challenges, and your soul's determination to evolve through those life lessons. God is there to support you on your journey and never abandons you. His strength is especially evident in your times of struggle and need.

To create self love and pride learn more about who you are, learn to love yourself, accepting both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you did not have a weakness in some area of your life, you would not need other people to help you. This is a lesson on learning to accept your worthiness, learning to receive and accepting other people's strengths and weaknesses. Why should the lesson be all about you? Give other people the opportunity to be important in your life, to help you in some way. If they are not accepting of the opportunity that you are offering them do not take it personally, that may be their weakness to learn from. Do not judge that they have failed you, you are sharing this lesson with them. Look at the love and acceptance you can demonstrate for them. Explore what their needs are and how you can meet those needs. This is how you grow and evolve to be the person you want to be. Be the example through your awareness, not judgment.

Many of you live with a lifetime of disappointment, pain and abandonment. Are you choosing to limit your life, staying focused on the darkness of the accompanying emotions or are you choosing to learn from your experiences to become the person you want to be. BE in your power to create what you desire.

Give yourself permission to have needs and start meeting those needs your self. Decide what you want your life to be like and strive to create that life for yourself. Do not always try to give others the responsibility of meeting your needs, they may not have the awareness and experience to fulfill your needs. You must first learn to meet your own needs and regularly demonstrate this action in your life as an example to those around you. And as you learn about yourself, you may gradually give them the opportunity to learn about having awareness of the needs of others. It is a good lesson for everyone to practice. If you purposefully expect others to always meet your needs, you are setting yourself and others up for disappointment and failure. There is often a lack of clarity of the needs by either parties or a lack of experience in demonstration. Life takes practice.

Get excited about the fact that your "Plan B" has the potential to be so much greater and far beyond the limitation of your "Plan A". "Plan B" is divinely created and supported.

Celebrate your "Plan B" and the journey it will take you on and trust in your strength to endure and evolve to the person you want to be and can be. Dare to dream and set goals, be in the power of positive intention and manifestation.

Learning to maneuver on the small pebbles of life's path is essential so that when the challenges become larger stones or boulders you have knowledge and confidence to climb over them rather than allowing them to block your path.

WE are Abraham

WE hope you enjoy our newsletter but if you would like to unsubscribe simply go to the bottom of this newsletter and click on the "unsubscribe" button.

Upcoming Events
Our year has already proven to be very busy as we just returned from a very successful month long trip to Richmond and Raleigh. We are now preparing for even more travel, so hopefully we will be coming to an area near you. I am able to do our sessions over the phone but I am always thrilled to have the opportunity of meeting my clients in person.

2014 Spring Schedule

April 26th & 27th. Austin, Tx. Linda and Abraham present their hugely successful workshop "You are Your Issues - Let's Heal Them" a 2 day celebration of healing relationships and learning to create the life you desire. Space is limited so register early. See website for more details.
Workshop registration
May 20st-25th - Kona, Hawaii Private sessions
May 29th & 30th - Honolulu, Ha. Private sessions
May 31st & June 1st - Honolulu Body Mind and Spirit Expo, Honolulu Ha.
www. Contact Linda to pre-sechedule [email protected]
June 7th Lubbock Tx. Reiki I & II Class for more info on Linda's classes please visit her website
June 8th - Lubbock Reiki III/master level class
June 9-13th - Lubbock private sessions. Contact Linda to schedule [email protected]
June 14th & 15th - Amarillo, Tx. Events to be determined per response to your needs.
June 16th & 17th - Amarillo Private sessions
July 9th - 17th Santa Fe & Albuquerque NM. area offering Reiki I & II class and Reiki III/ master level class and private sessions. More details to be announced as the dates and interest are confirmed. Please let us hear from you as to your requests. [email protected]

WE are currently working on scheduling more events for 2014. It is definitely going to be a busy year.
Linda and Abraham's First Book
"Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" offers a better understanding of life, death and the many stages of grief we experience when we lose a loved one. Linda offers insights to assist us in healing the emotions of grief that can sabotage and cripple our lives if we do not understand them.

Book1 cover 480x360
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"Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" is available at all major books stores or from Linda's website A kindle version is available through

Linda and Abraham's New Book
"The Secret Pathway To Healing" is currently only available directly from Linda. You can go to Linda's website for more information on this book. It is full of Abraham's guidance for creating the life of happiness, love and success that you desire. Abraham explains the challenges of life's issues in a detailed way, allowing you to identify what may be sabotaging your life. They also gives you tools and guidance to make the necessary changes to achieve what you desire for your life
Secret Pathways Cover
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Who is Abraham:

Every month I have new readers join our newsletter list. I was reminded that not everyone is familiar with the Abraham Group that I work with. I apologize for neglecting to share this important information with you.

Abraham is a group consciousness of high vibrational spiritual beings. That is a long title for a group of beings that work for God. Their purpose is to bring humanity the wisdom and guidance of God for the advancement of our soul's journey. They do not function with ego but much of their work is done though human channels. They have chosen multiple people to work through in delivering their messages. Although Abraham works with many channels, their most well known channel is Esther Hicks. She has been channeling their messages and writing books with them for over 30 years.

Their messages can be both individual or global depending on the situation. Each channel gives the same message yet often in a slightly different way due to our personality. You each receive knowledge differently, and often need to hear it multiple time before applying to to your life. The Abraham group focus on positive intent and empowerment for our lives.

Spirit presented this group to me as my teachers about 11 years ago when my awareness of my spiritual journey began. During this time, they have continually assisted me with my own spiritual development, as well as our work in helping others heal their lives. They have channeled their guidance through the books we have written and the workshops we teach.

They bring us hope and knowledge of the soul's journey through life, into death and the world beyond. You can go to my website to read more about my journey with Abraham and Spirit.

We all need spiritual support. Whether that support comes through personal interaction with like-minded groups and classes or the stimulation of your mind and heart through the knowledge shared in spiritually based books, it is important to continually nurture your spiritual self.

The spirit within you craves acknowledgment and care taking of it's needs for the advancement of your soul's journey. An expanded spiritual experience holds you in the light and love of God, enabling you to give and receive love of both self and others beyond any current limitations.

Share our newsletter with your friends. It is easy - just have them register today through Linda's website or hit "forward" at the bottom of this page and you can send it to them.

If you have any questions just Email me at [email protected], or visit my website at

Love and Light

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