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February 2011 Newsletter

Happy Valentines Day

Linda's Message

Happy Valentines Day to everyone I love and care about (That means You)
When I heard Abraham's messages this month it was a reminder for me too to take time to love myself. I hear the messages that Abraham presents to people every day through our sessions, but I often neglect to apply them to my own life. So their message this month was important for me also.

Many of you see the commercial ads for Valentines Day focused on the exchange of candy, flowers or jewelery. You may have the impression that it is only a time for couples and romance, yet I think children have the right idea. They exchange cards and notes with all their little friends. Asking them to share their friendship and be a special person in their life. That is what "Be my Valentine" should really mean.

As Abraham points out in their message this month, Valentines Day should be a time to express love to others but especially to ourselves. Make it your special day to show yourself how much you love you. Gift yourself with some flowers, a massage or something that gives you joy. Make the day special by using it to focus on you, watch a favorite movie, take a bubble bath, read that book you've been trying to take the time for. You know better than anyone else what makes you happy, give yourself that gift of love.

Your health is also important. Is it time to schedule that much needed yearly check up with your doctor? Making sure that you are healthy is your responsibility. I suggest that you make sure you are doing all that you can to take care of your health needs? That is a demonstration of self love. Think how important you are, not only to yourself but also to those that love you and care about you. Take care of your health, as it is a treasured possession.

Will You Be my Valentine?

In last month's newsletter, I wrote about the new bus that my husband manifested. Many of you have been asking to see a picture, so here it is. Every time I think about it, I am reminded of how very powerful our intentions are. If you missed last months newsletter about setting the intent for something, it is well worth your time to read about the process.


Abraham has been busy manifesting also, as they manifested our new radio show. We are on every Sunday from 2 to 4pm central time. We are now part of the You Are What You Love radio network. In the first hour Abraham and I are co-hosting with Vaishali as Abraham answers call-in questions and the second hour Abraham presents "Messages of Empowerment" with their guidance for the healing and empowerment of your life.

If you miss a show you can always go to my new website to hear archived shows.

I continue to do private sessions both in-person and over the phone as my schedule allows, but I am often 6-7 weeks out. You can contact me through my website to schedule. If you have contacted me in the past and I did not respond please forgive my busy schedule and try again.

If you would be interested in helping us put together a workshop in your area, please contact me about that also.


If you are new to this newsletter, Thank you for opening your heart and mind to our messages of love. Please note: there is information about Abraham at the bottom of this newsletter.

Abraham's Message

We greet you with LOVE.

This month it is all about You!!!

Many in your culture focus on the month of February as a time to express your love. It is essential to have love in your life everyday, so having a reminder to express love is beneficial what ever you chose to name the day.

Celebrate Love. Express Love. Be Love. You are the most important person in the world and you deserve love.

Your souls were created from the loving heart of God and a seed of love was planted within your soul that needs to be continually nurtured. Whether you are giving love or receiving love, it typically gives you a sense of value and makes you feel good about yourself.

We have concern about you, as we observe many of you do not feel loved in you life and in your relationships. Love is essential to life, yet many of you look outside yourselves for love and this is a mistake. You must learn to love yourself first and to take care of your needs so that you are able to teach others to express that same type of love to you.

We often observe you focusing your time and energy on meeting the needs of others, while forgetting to demonstrate that same love to yourself. It is admirable that you have such compassion for others but where is your compassion for self?

Love is about valuing something. Do you value yourself? How often do you focus on doing something for you. Something that makes you feel special, joyful or appreciated. Do you feel guilty just thinking about doing something for yourself? That is a good indicator that you are failing to express love to yourself often enough or maybe failing to express it at all.

You should be the most important person that you express love to. Learning to meet your needs for love is essential. Many of you are taught to always put others needs first and that it is wrong to be self focused. This belief has perpetuated a problem in many societies that suppresses the expression of self love and diminishes the self worth of individuals.

What is love? Maybe you have never fully understood your own definition of love and how you need love demonstrated. Consequently, you are often disappointed when you do not receive love from others in the way that fully meets your needs.

How do you show love to yourself?

Start by getting to know yourself better. Study the different demonstrations of love expressed by your family and friends. Figure out who you are and what your needs are. Those needs may be very different than your family's needs, and this is often confusing. Understand your worthiness to have your needs met by yourself and others. No matter what those needs may look like, they are important to you.

In many societies we see a lack of self worth and the failure to take care of essential needs connected with self love. When the spirit senses a lack of love, you learn to look to others to establish your value and meet your need for love as love is essential to life.

Many of you live by the belief that you are unfulfilled, unloved and of no value if you do not have someone in your life to show you love. If you learn to love and value yourself first, there will never be a lack of love in your life. To change this belief and the patterns established by it takes extensive awareness and practice.
When others see you treat yourself in this positive, respectful, loving way this teaches them to treat you in the same way.

What many of you do not realize is that you are always loved by God, the Angels, Masters and those of the light. Opening your heart to receive is often your biggest challenge. They do not view you with judgment, as their unconditional love is always available to you. It is your judgment of self that separates you from this love.

Open up your heart to be part of this love, to receive this love and feel loved. Believing in your worthiness to be loved is the first step. Then start celebrating by creating more ways to show love and demonstrating it to yourself. Set the intent to show yourself love everyday. *Post a note as a reminder to help you break the negative patterns of the past. Start thinking of all of the ways your can show yourself love. Make a list and add something new to it everyday. You will soon radiate an energy of love and others will be attracted to that love and you can show them how to do the same for their life.

Being in love produces a chemical in the physical body that promotes a euphoric feeling of joy. Why not be in love with yourself and live in that joy everyday?

We acknowledge those of you that have been working so hard to break the old patterns and achieve this love. You know who you are because your lives have changed and your relationships have changed. Congratulations on your success.

I am Abraham

***Next month we will be addressing how you can move forward to achieve love in your relationships. So learn to love yourself and practice demonstrating that love so that you are ready for the next step. Relationships extend to family, partners, friends and even those you don't like. How are you doing with the relationships in your life?

If you missed any of the previous newsletters, just click Newsletter Archive to read them.

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Each month Abraham will pick a subject that they feel is appropriate for your journey through this life. We talk throughout the month on which tool of empowerment they will discuss next, as there are many tools that we will be talking about in our upcoming newsletters.

Upcoming Events

We are currently working on scheduling multiple events around the country for 2011, so please watch my website for events in your area.

2011 Schedule

March 5th - 6th Chicago Il. Body Mind and Spirit Expo. for more info. I will be available in the Chicago (Oakbrook) area for private sessions March 3rd, 4th & 7th.
April 8th, 9th & 10th Edison, New Jersey, Mind, Body Spirit Expo
April 7th, 11th & 12th Edison, NJ. Private sessions - to schedule a session contact Linda at [email protected]
April 30th Austin, Tx. Linda is teaching a Reiki I & II level class.
May 6th, 7th & 8th Austin Tx. A weekend of Spiritual Empowerment and Development presented by Linda Drake and Chris Kopacz
May 14th Austin Tx. Linda is teaching Reiki 3/master level class
May 27th Lubbock Tx. Linda is teaching a Reiki 3/master level class
May 28th Lubbock Tx. Linda is teaching a Reiki I & II level class
May 23rd - 26th for private sessions in the Lubbock area. To schedule your session email Linda at [email protected]

If you would like more information on any of these events please contact Linda.

If you would like for Linda to come to your area to teach a workshop please let us know. We are currently making plans to be in many different areas around the country.

Linda and Abraham's First Book
"Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" offers a better understanding of life, death and the many stages of grief we experience when we lose a loved one. Linda offers insights to assist us in healing the emotions of grief that can sabotage and cripple our lives if we do not understand them.

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Who is Abraham:

Every month I have new readers join our newsletter list. I was reminded that not everyone is familiar with the Abraham Group that I work with. I apologize for neglecting to share this important information with you.

Abraham is a group consciousness of high vibrational spiritual beings. That is a long title for a group of beings that work for God. Their purpose is to bring humanity the wisdom and guidance of God for the advancement of our soul's journey. They do not function with ego but much of their work is done though human channels. They have chosen multiple people to work through in delivering their messages. Although Abraham works with many channels, their most well known channel is Esther Hicks. She has been channeling their messages and writing books with them for over 30 years.

Their messages can be both individual or global depending on the situation. Each channel gives the same message yet often in a slightly different way due to our personality. You each receive knowledge differently, and often need to hear it multiple time before applying to to your life. The Abraham group focus on positive intent and empowerment for our lives.

Spirit presented this group to me as my teachers about 11 years ago when my awareness of my spiritual journey began. During this time, they have continually assisted me with my own spiritual development, as well as our work in helping others heal their lives. They have channeled their guidance through the books we have written and the workshops we teach.

They bring us hope and knowledge of the soul's journey through life, into death and the world beyond. You can go to my website to read more about my journey with Abraham and Spirit.

We all need spiritual support. Whether that support comes through personal interaction with like-minded groups and classes or the stimulation of your mind and heart through the knowledge shared in spiritually based books, it is important to continually nurture your spiritual self.

The spirit within you craves acknowledgment and care taking of it's needs for the advancement of your soul's journey. An expanded spiritual experience holds you in the light and love of God, enabling you to give and receive love of both self and others beyond any current limitations.

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If you have any questions just Email me at [email protected], or visit my website at

Love and Light

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